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Navigating Through Your First Year

The transition from high school to college can be a culture shock. Below are advisor recommendations on what students need to know about UWF that can result in a smoother transition into college life.

UWF has several computer labs available for general use to students. Computers are free to use on a first-come, first-served basis.  Labs are located in building 79, building 86, University Commons, and John C. Pace Library. To find information on available computers in the library as well as building 86 view .

Students in college may find it easier and more convenient to complete coursework on a personal computer. If computers are unavailable, the John C. Pace Library offers laptop rentals. Click the button for more information.

Library Equipment Loan Policies

Printing services are diverse on campus. The University Commons service desk accepts requests for printing posters and banners. Information can be found at Printing Services. WEPA machines are located around campus. To find a location view WEPA Kiosk Locations.

Printing Services

WEPA Kiosk Locations

The Cyber Lounge has information on computer labs, printing and copier costs, and where to go to find the software students need!

Cyber Lounge

Whether using your personal computer, a computer in a lab, or renting a laptop, students may find themselves needing certain software to complete assignments. Visit the ITS Help Desk website for information on software available to students.

ITS Help Desk

Computers, laptops, printing services, and software needs all require students to use their ArgoNet User ID and password for access. If students have difficulties, they can contact the ITS Help Desk at 850.474.2075, visit the help desk in building 79, or email

Career Development & Community Engagement (CDCE) is located in Building 19. Career & Major Exploration services are available for students that are undecided on a major.

Career & Major Exploration

Interview practice and building a resume are several services offered through CDCE. Visit CDCE today!

CDCE website

The UWF libraries are an asset to students. Library services range from renting Kindles, IPads, and laptops, to loaning books, printing documents, and assisting with research. 

Click the button to view a list of library services available to undergraduate students.

Undergraduate Student Services

Your Nautilus Card is used for many reasons. Important reasons include accessing residence halls, using computers on campus, going to the recreation and sports center, and eating at dining locations on campus. Think of the card as your on-campus debit ID card.

The first step is to load money onto your card. Click How to Add Funds for instructions on loading your card with funds.

How to Add Funds

View Places to Eat on Campus and the Dining Plans accepted at these locations.

Places to Eat on Campus

Dining Plans

To access the Fitness/Wellness area at the Recreation Center, you will need your Nautilus Card.

Fitness Center Information

Parking Permits are required for all students. There are designated parking lots for commuter and on-campus students. Please view the Parking on Campus Overview to become familiar with how parking lots are designated to avoid a parking ticket!

Purchase a Parking Permit

Parking on Campus Overview

The UWF Trolley service is available to assist students with navigating campus.

UWF Trolley

For those students without transportation to/from campus, the ECAT Bus Service (Escambia County Area Transit) services the Pensacola area.

ECAT Bus Service

Students will want to get involved on campus. There are many opportunities for students to join organizations and create friendships. Student Involvement and Student Organizations are housed at the University Commons.

Student Involvement

Student Organizations

View information on other opportunities to get involved, such as joining the honors program and ROTC.

Kugelman Honors Program