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Academic Advising Services

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This page provides information on the Academic Advising Services offered at UWF and how to schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

What is Academic Advising

The University of West Florida recognizes that advising is an integral part of a college education. The advising process establishes a collaborative relationship between student and advisor in which the student feels a sense of connection, support, and guidance. Effective academic advising is developmental. It responds to, and creates growth and change within the student. Academic advising encourages students to think critically, seek out resources, and develop action plans. It provides students with the information and encouragement they need to take personal responsibility for exploring options and making decisions. Ultimately, academic advising allows each student to achieve a meaningful and successful educational experience.

Freshman, First-Time-in-College, and Undeclared students are assigned to a specific advisor in First Year Advising to assist with initial course registration, goal setting, and degree planning before being transitioned to academic advisors in the major departments.

Academic Advising Services

Being unsure about a college major in the first year is not unusual, nor is it unusual for students who have chosen a major to change their minds at least once. Academic Advisors will help students pursue course work in the general education curriculum to identify areas that may be of particular interest. The advisor can also be a good sounding board as students consider majors that are appealing and evaluate which courses are engaging that could eventually become your major.

Academic Advisors help students make informed choices about degree and graduation requirements. They can help clarify curriculum, course content, and optimal course sequences. Advisors will also enhance student awareness of diverse educational experiences to further enrich the academic plan.

Academic Advisors can assist students with:

  • Clarification of career and life goals
  • Development of decision-making skills
  • Reinforcement of self-direction
  • Evaluation of student progress toward established goals

Academic Advisors can assist students with academic support needs through individual sessions, group workshops, and connections with educational resources across the university.

Students are responsible for their role in the academic process and navigating the university system. Academic Advisors can help clarify university policies and procedures to enhance the student’s ability to participate in the academic process.

Academic Advisors can refer students to faculty, other campus services, and student success resources.

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Scheduling An Appointment

Appointments are scheduled via Navigate in myUWF. If you are unable to schedule an appointment using the system, please contact the front desk for further assistance.