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UWF Accountability Plans

UWF accountability and work plan reports.

Accountability Plans

Previously, the Florida Board of Governors requested an annual Accountability Report and an annual University Work Plan report, per BOG regulations 1.001 and 2.002. This new Accountability Plan layout combines these two historical requests into one new request for an annual Accountability Plan that provides both actual historical data and prospective goals. The new Accountability Plan layout is based on the year the accountability plan will be or has been reported to the Florida Board of Governors since many of the metrics cross several years of measurement and not just focused on a single academic year.

The process for the new Accountability Plan layout is similar to the previously reported Work Plan process, whereby Board staff will pre-populate the actual data and the goals that the Board of Governors have already approved from previous Work Plans. The format for each metric’s data has been revised to now report: (1) actual data, (2) previously approved goals, and (3) newly proposed goals as separate rows. This new format will provide both University Boards of Trustees and the Board of Governors members with better context when reviewing the newly proposed goals.

2023 Accountability Plan

2022 Accountability Plan

2021 Accountability Plan

2020 Accountability Plan

2019 Accountability Plan

2018 Accountability Plan

Accountability Reports

The Accountability Report is a required document by the Florida Board of Governors which shows the status and progression of the university from one year to the next. Each report shows a five year trend of data for specific articulated measurements which are used by the Board of Governors to measure success and identify areas in which the university can improve upon to meet the state’s strategic goals.

2015-2016 Accountability Report

2014-2015 Accountability Report

2013-2014 Accountability Report

2012-2013 Accountability Report

2011-2012 Accountability Report

University Workplans

The Work Plan is a required document by the Florida Board of Governors that depicts proposed and slated university goals based on key elements. Each report shows a five year analysis of data points that the university has achieved and projects future year data set forth by the university’s strategic plan and its desire to reach the Florida’s State University Systems Strategic Goals. This report is designed for the Board of Governors to review each year to identify areas for which the university projects outcomes and how these projections align with achieving the goals set forth by the Florida Board of Governors

2016 Workplan

2015 Workplan

2014 Workplan

2013 Workplan

2012 Workplan