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April 1, 2010  |  Procurement and Contracts (P&C)|

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Vendor Registration Card

Ordering HP Equipment

Office Depot - Personal Purchases at Stores

FedEx/UPS News

Internal Vendor Registration of UWF Students

New Vehicle Maintenance Contract

Installation and Assembly of Furniture

PCard Prohibited: Shuttles-Taxis-Tolls-Parking

Dell - Change to Phone Number

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Vendor Registration CardVendor Card
In an effort to help PCard holders obtain all the information their PCard Account and Business Managers require in order to avoid autoposts because of vendors not being registered, we are now providing a template for a "Vendor Registration Card". Read more. . .

Ordering Hewlett Packard (HP) EquipmentHP Logo
The HP Contract Summary Sheet on the Go Shopping Tab (under "Computers & Supplies" and "Printers") has recently been updated with new procedures. When you go to the HP Web site, please DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. Read more. . .

Office Depot - Making Personal Purchases at Stores
OD LogoIf you are making a personal purchase using a personal credit card at an Office Depot retail store, be sure the sales clerk swipes the credit card on the register, NOT the "pen pad" on the counter. This assures the user gets any discount they are entitled to from the UWF Contract. Read more. . .

UPS and Shipping News
FedExThe new UPS drop box is  located in front of the UWF water tower andWUWF (Building 88) directly next to the FedEx drop box. When ordering items that will ship to your department by either UPS, FedEx or any mail service, the building and room number MUST be part of the ship to address to which the order will be delivered. Read more. . .

Internal Vendor Registration of UWF StudentsStudents
When registering a student on the Online Internal Vendor Registration site, please ensure and proof that all the information is entered accurately, especially the Social Security Number. Read more. . .

NEW Vehicle MaintenanceContract
CarAnnouncing a “New” Vehicle Maintenance Contract for those of you who have University vehicles. There is now a new contract in place with discount prices with three different vendors located in Pensacola. On-site services, towing, pick-up and delivery are some of the special services now available. Read more. . .

Installation and Assembly of Furniture
FurnitureWhen you are approved to order furniture using your PCard, please remember that the Office of Facilities DOES NOT perform furniture installation and assembly or repairs. This means that the purchase of the furniture will also need to include a quote for the installation and assembly. If you are purchasing furniture outside of the local area, a local furniture installer will need to be contacted to provide the installation Read more. . .

PCARD Prohibited: Shuttles-Taxis-Tolls-Parking
TaxiBecause of all the difficulties, frustration and audit findings that many of the PCard Holders and Managers have experienced in trying to get vendors to register online for shuttle services, taxis, tolls, and parking lots, payment of these services with a PCard is now "Prohibited". Read more. . .

Dell Logo

Dell - Change to Phone Number
Please note on the Contract Summary Sheet for Dell, there has been a change to Greg Naylor's phone number.