Research Process & Information Fluency Skills

These brief, video tutorials are designed to help you use the library and enhance your information literacy skills. They are sequenced so that a student wishing to become information fluent may view each video by working through the page, top-to-bottom.  Upon clicking on the videos, you may also access the video scripts.

Each video contains a short quiz while each heading section may include a comprehensive quiz for that set, e.g. “Library Orientation Quiz.” Students may use these as “self-checks,” or faculty may assign them.  The results of the quiz will be emailed to students for forwarding to their instructors.

Library Basics / Library Orientation

Take the Library Orientation Quiz to test yourself on this entire section.

Library Services

The Library Catalog

One Search

Finding a Scholarly Article

Choosing a Database

Interlibrary Loan

Research Process & Information Literacy Skills

Using Sources Effectively

Types of Assignments

Additional Resources & Tools

Research Application in the 21st Century Workplace

These video tutorials were created using the Pace Academic Development Award by an instructional designer, Joshua Vossler, in partnership with UWF Librarians.

For more information and a variety of ideas about how to incorporate these video tutorials and information literacy into your course, please see our Faculty Guide to Information Literacy Assessment.

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