An internship is a professional entry-level employment position that is related to a student's academic major and career interests. The purpose of the internship is to provide students with a unique opportunity to gain "real world" experience in science fields while pursuing their studies


Internship Opportunities

App Developer
Intern will be helping develop a native iOS and Android app. We are seeking a developer who demonstrates a strong knowledge of fundamentals and a motivation to learn app development.

  • Programming experience with Objective-C and/or Java
  • Familiarity with iOS and Android development software (XCode and Android SDK)
  • Familiarity with Git 
  • Understanding of authentication and security basics
  • Understanding of REST APIs, and ability to retrieve and send data via REST APIs.

 Contact: Michael Lepinay at

Web Developer

Currently most of the rental properties in the South Walton and Destin area are managed using software services from Escapia, a software rental management company.  They provide a number of services that the property mangers can use which includes creating web sites to rent their properties.  They also partner with web design companies which property managers can use to develop custom websites for their rental properties.  None of the web design companies are local to the area and some of the property managers are looking to design their own websites.  And there are a lot of property managers in this area.

What we are needing is to create a Web API proxy for a third party SOAP API that the new Overseerental website can use with AngularJS or ReactJS that is built in PHP. It is assumed that the return will be a JSON object. Right now the support is for PHP 5.4. This development is to cover the cross-domain issues. The front end of the site is being developed by another entity. 

The endpoints would include using:

UnitDescriptiveInfoStream from the EVRNContentService.

This returns all the rental units UnitDescriptiveInfo from EVRNService for a single rental unit.

UnitCalendarAvail from EVRNService for a single rental unit available on calendar dates

UnitRes from EVRNService for a single unit reservation

ReservationCancel from EVRNService for a single unit reservation cancel

ReservationUpdate from EVRNService for a single unit reservation update

For now those are the only ones I can see for renting a property.

Here is the current website that is being reworked (it was created by Escapia):

Escapia has their own SOAP APIs that they have had around since it looks like 2007.  And the Escapia site for those APIs:

The work is estimated at 100-120 hours at $15 per hour.  It all depends on what the developer's level of effort they can sustain with other outside impediments.

For more information about this job contact Greg McMenimen at