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Securing our future, protecting your world. At the UWF center for cybersecurity, we're bridging the gap from the real world to the cyber world.
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Designated by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education, we focus on three distinct areas to promote and expand cybersecurity awareness and practice.

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Developing the Next Generation of Cyber-Stars.

We’re advancing the next wave of industry leaders with dynamic, interdisciplinary education and state-of-the-art programs and facilities. Our Battle Lab and Cyber Range help students pave the path of the cyber future by gaining hands-on experience in attack simulations and real-world mastery.

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Pioneering the Science
of Security.

We proactively explore knowledge, technologies and tools to advance cybersecurity and protect critical infrastructure from all angles. We’re dedicated to initiating and executing groundbreaking research that solves real world issues—a step ahead of the adversary.

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Bringing Cybersecurity to the Forefront, Together.

We know that the need for cybersecurity transcends the field and industry. Through thoughtful, collaborative and strategic partnerships, we bring a level of illumination to cybersecurity that individually would not be possible.

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Redefining What Cybersecurity Can Be.

As the regional hub for cybersecurity education, research and partnerships, we propel innovative cybersecurity solutions locally, nationally, and globally. Our interdisciplinary approach connects ideas and people, elevating cybersecurity in service to the greater good while supporting workforce and economic development.

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UWF is the NSA Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) Regional Resource Center for the Southeast

As the NSA Cybersecurity CAE Regional Resource Center for the Southeast, UWF provides leadership to advance cyber defense education among colleges and universities in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, South Carolina and Tennessee.

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