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Why Give?

Top 10 reasons why UWF alumni and friends give back to the University.

Giving to UWF

1. Tuition and state funds are not enough.

Tuition only covers 29% of the cost of education at UWF and state funds don't make up the difference. Community support is critical to helping hard-working, low-income students access higher education. Funding for cutting-edge technologies and quality faculty are vital for UWF to excel in higher education.

2. Open doors of opportunity.

Many of our students are the first in their family to pursue a college degree, and many others could not afford a college education without scholarship assistance. Your gift to UWF helps students of all backgrounds access higher education.

3. Invest in today's students, tomorrow's leaders.

UWF students are working hard to become engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, teachers, nurses, accountants and more. Gifts to scholarships and programs are an investment in their careers and in the future of the communities in which they will live and work.

4. Help UWF attract major gifts and grants.

Foundations and corporations often consider private support to be an indication of merit. For example, they may look at the percent of alumni giving, the percent of employee giving and the total dollars raised each year when evaluating a grant application. Your gift sends a signal to these outside funders that UWF is worthy of their support.

5. Increase the value of a UWF degree.

When national rankings are calculated by authorities such as the Princeton Review, alumni giving is key factor. If you are a graduate of UWF, your gift will help increase UWF's rankings and reputation, thereby increasing the value of your degree.

6. It doesn't take much!

Because rankings are influenced by the percent of alumni and employees who give (not the dollars given), your gift can have a very powerful impact, no matter the amount. No gift is too small to make a difference!

7. Help fuel the economy!

UWF has $1.47 billion of economic impact to Florida; for every dollar of state support received, UWF returns $14.22 to the state economy. Your gifts help maintain and expand that impact.

8. It's a worthy tradition.

The history of educational philanthropy in the United States can be traced back to medieval universities in twelfth-century Europe such as Paris, Oxford, and Cambridge. Because education is critical to a successful society, it's important that today's alumni and friends carry on this important tradition.

9. Impact your passion.

No matter what areas of philanthropy you are passionate about - economic development, the environment, the arts - your gift to UWF can impact that passion. Simply designate your gift to the program, scholarship or department that is shaping future leaders in that area of interest. Visit to explore more than 300 giving opportunities at UWF.

10. Double the impact of your gift.

Many times, gifts to UWF can be matched. For example, some employers match the gifts that their employees and retirees make. You may want to check with your employer to see if they offer a matching gift program.