UWF Fundraising Policies

The UWF Foundation, Inc. was organized and incorporated in 1965 for the purpose of stimulating voluntary private support from alumni, parents, friends, corporations, foundations, and others for the benefit of the University of West Florida. The UWF Foundation exists to encourage, manage and administer private resources to support the mission and priorities of the University of West Florida, as established by the Board of Trustees and the President of the University of West Florida.

Per the Fundraising and Solicitation Policy DV-02.02-04/14, all fundraising activities are coordinated through the Division of Advancement to ensure maximum support aligned with the university’s mission and with donor engagement goals. Please follow procedures outlined below accordingly.

  • For external groups raising money: More than half of UWF employees give generously to the UWF Foundation every year to provide for scholarships, enhance academic programs and to support UWF projects and initiatives that are important to them. In order to ensure that the campus community is not inundated with solicitations from other groups, external organizations desiring to solicit UWF employees or students must complete and submit for approval the Fundraising Application.
  • For UWF employees raising money: If any UWF employees would like to raise money, they are required to coordinate their efforts through the Division of Advancement by submitting a Fundraising Proposal Form at least three weeks prior to any related activities. This allows the university to maximize its resources and avoid over-soliciting any one group or individual.
  • For UWF students and student groups raising money: Students are required to submit a Fundraising Request Form at least three weeks prior to any fundraising activities. The form can be found in ArgoPulse or by contacting the University Commons & Student Involvement Office.
  • All groups, both internal and external, are asked to abide by the Fundraising and Solicitation Policy.