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Placement Agencies

Community agencies work in partnership with the UWF Department of Social Work to provide internship opportunities for our social work students.

Placement Agencies

The availability of agencies and qualified field supervisors varies each semester.  Placement sites include areas that focus on Child Welfare, Corrections, Developmental Disabilities, Domestic Violence / Crisis Intervention, Family Services, Gerontology, Health Care, Housing Services, Mental Health, Military, Public Assistance / Public Welfare, Rehabilitation, Schools, and Substance Abuse.  While the Field Education office considers student interests in the placement process, placement decisions are determined by the Field Coordinator in order to provide every student with a rich and unique learning experience. 

Interested in working with a social work student intern?

The Field Education Office is always looking for placement sites and qualified supervisors to work with our students.  Placement sites generally have a social work degreed staff member to provide supervision and field instruction to our students.  Appropriate placement sites that do not have a social work degreed staff member often have qualified task supervisors to assist in the field placement instruction.  As an incentive, Field Instructors who provide supervision to our students receive a waiver to take up to 6 credits of college coursework at UWF or another Florida university. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Social Work at