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Donnie Petersen

  • Operating Partner Chick-fil-A 9 Mile Road, Leadership Catalyst


Donnie Petersen serves others by influencing excellence to produce success.  He is the founder of an organization whose vision is to cultivate a leadership ecosystem that procures, develops, and deploys leaders that succeed by serving others with excellence.
Donnie’s organization strongly believes if excellence and success are options, why would
anyone choose differently? 

For 20 years Donnie has promoted and lived these fundamental leadership principles as the Operating Partner of Chick-fil-A 9 Mile Rd. in Pensacola, FL. Chick-fil-A 9 Mile consistently ranks at the top of the restaurant chain in customer satisfaction and recently received the 2022 Symbol of Success Award. 

Donnie’s pursuit of excellence is not reserved for business endeavors.  He also pursues excellence in the non-profit sector as well.  With over 11 years of influence in his role as Pastor of Christ the King in Pensacola, Fl, and as Director of YADI (Youth Action Development Initiative) in Fort Portal, Uganda, he continues to influence others for excellence and success.

Donnie truly believes success is not defined by profit but by an individual’s fulfillment of their God-given purpose and potential.  His journey has graciously given him the unique opportunity to speak to both leaders and non-leaders locally in Pensacola and internationally in Guatemala and Uganda.  His bold approach to life and business through personal ownership, personal leadership, and personal management has influenced hundreds to overcome barriers in life to accomplish their dreams and fulfill their purpose.  Donnie’s greatest joy in pursuing a life of excellence is serving as the husband of wife Shay and as father to their three children Mekenzie, Morgan, and Chase.