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About Us

About Us

The Lewis Bear Jr. College of Business prepares students for successful careers in business and society and contributes to the advancement of the educational and economic development of Northwest Florida.


To promote individual, organizational, and regional prosperity through business education, research, and service.

Dean's Vision

“To be recognized for exceptional education, research, and service."

Core Values


  • Holding ourselves and others accountable
  • Inclusion of all... treating others with dignity and respect
  • Being honest, fair, and honorable
  • Keeping promises and commitments


  • Responding to societal needs, trends, challenges, technology
  • Conducting innovative research and teaching pedagogy
  • Being flexible and adaptive
  • Seeking elegant solutions that solve more than one problem


  • Continuously improving
  • Setting and achieving high standards
  • Striving for teaching and research effectiveness
  • Being active and impactful in our field


  • Pursuing growth, knowledge, and skills
  • Being curious and seeking other perspectives
  • Being okay with making mistakes and learning from ours and those of others
  • Enjoying the journey and destination

Strategic Priorities

These strategic directions reflect the values that guide us as we choose how to carry out our mission:

Strategic Direction 1: Student Success

Goal 1.1 Provide learner-centered, high-impact educational and co-curricular learning experiences that prepare students to become successful in their careers and lives.

Goal 1.2 Provide relevant programs that align curricula with student needs and workforce demands and facilitate timely progress to completion for all learners.

Goal 1.3 Maintain flexible learning options that support both face-to-face and virtual learning environments for earning undergraduate and graduate degrees, and related credentials.

Goal 1.4 Communicate to both faculty and students about available student support resources.

Strategic Direction 2: Employee Success

Goal 2.1 Communicate to both faculty and students about available student support resources.

Goal 2.2 Foster flexible work environments that contribute to a sustainable balance for employees while still ensuring student success.

Goal 2.3 Recognize, reward, and celebrate high-achieving employees for their contributions to student development, scholarly or professional achievements, community partnerships, and the university.

Goal 2.4 Sustain and advance an environment that encourages and recognizes collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Goal 2.5 Create a path for advancement for faculty and staff.

Goal 2.6 Provide resources and tools needed for employee success.

Strategic Direction 3: Exceptional Academic Programming and Scholarship

Goal 3.1 Invest in new and augment existing academic programs that meet professional, personal, scholastic, and workforce needs.

Goal 3.2 Engage in continuous program improvement using evaluation and assessment processes and practice informed by data.

Goal 3.3 Invest in new and augment existing academic programs that meet professional, personal, scholastic, and workforce needs.

Strategic Direction 4: Community and Economic Engagement

Goal 4.1 Enhance outreach and engagement in the community, maximizing the University’s outcomes and visibility.

Goal 4.2 Promote education designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of current and future workers to increase the economic prosperity of individuals and regional organizations.

Strategic Direction 5: Infrastructure

Goal 5.1 Maintain safe, effective, efficient use of physical plant.

Goal 5.2 Acquire or develop, support, integrate, and secure technology that aligns with the academic mission.

Strategic Direction 6: Operational Excellence

Goal 6.1 Provide effective and timely business services, promote student safety, and ensure accountability of operations to internal and external stakeholders.

Goal 6.2 Ensure student and employee safety and continuity of operations from natural disasters or catastrophic events.

Strategic Direction 7: Culture

Goal 7.1 Maintain a welcoming, equitable and respectful environment for all.

Goal 7.2 Cultivate an environment that promotes integrity, tolerant civil discourse, and ethical behaviors.