Ph.D. in Intelligent Systems and Robotics

The Ph.D. program in Intelligent Systems and Robotics is the first of its kind in the state of Florida. It will serve the needs of manufacturing, healthcare, defense and other high-tech industries.

Become a Leader in Intelligent Systems and Robotics. Transform your Future.

The proliferation of robots and artificial intelligence is growing in importance in everyday life and likely to be one of the key transformations of the 21st century. This degree allows UWF students to be leaders and innovators in this field. Our graduates will contribute to solving today's' many challenges and will provide leadership, expertise and innovation to keep Florida at the forefront of these advances.

Program Description

The Ph.D. program in Intelligent Systems and Robotics centers on developing leading-edge software and hardware technology that combines human and machine elements to exploit their respective strengths and mitigate their respective weaknesses. After laying a groundwork common to all, the Ph.D. in Intelligent Systems and Robotics program will provide students with individualized curricula tailored to their interests. The program is comprised of foundational courses in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that address topics including knowledge representation and reasoning, machine learning, computational methods in AI, basic hardware/software interaction and research methods. After completing the core, students select advanced courses based upon their research interests. Beyond coursework, the program's cornerstone will be hands-on research in robotics and AI and will leverage the proximity and world-class talent at UWF and IHMC. 

Department Contact

Dr. Brent Venable
Department of Intelligent Systems and Robotics