Pre-Professional Opportunities

Applying to a professional health graduate program is competitive. The successful candidates for medical and other professional schools have to bring much more to the table than good grades in the pre-requisite courses and entrance exam for his/her chosen field. The student’s portfolio should include clinical experience, research experience and evidence of leadership. The University of West Florida has several special programs to assist students in attaining their goals. 


The University of West Florida is dedicated to promoting the success of our pre-professional students seeking admission to medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacy, and physician assistant programs as well as other health professional schools.  We offer a plethora of opportunities to assist pre-professional students in achieving this goal and we continue to develop new platforms to prepare students for admission to professional school.      

Pre-Health Professional Student Organizations

Five student organizations focusing on pre-health professional professions are available for students. These organizations establish an atmosphere of camaraderie and provide opportunities for students to engage in health-related community service, support networking opportunities that assist students in understanding and assessing the profession of their choice and in applying to professional schools, sponsor talks by recruiters from professional schools, as well as create a foundation for mutual support among students regarding academic issues. These organizations include:

  • Alpha Epsilon Delta
  • American Medical Student Association
  • Pre-Pharmacy Society
  • Pre-Dental Society
  • Pre-Veterinary Society
  • Future Physical Therapists Organization
  • Medical Technology Student Association
  • Health Occupations Students of America

Research Opportunities

Many pre-health professional students engage in scientific research. Our faculty provide many opportunities for students to engage in research and are happy to have students participating in research projects for credit (Directed Independent Studies), as paid assistants, or through an Honors’ Program thesis project.  

ArgoNoles Medical Mentors Program

The ArgoNoles mentorship program is a cooperation between UWF and the FSU College of Medicine (FSU COM) Pensacola Campus. The goal for the ArgoNoles program is to pair students who are interested in attending medical school with current 3rd and 4th year medical schools from FSU COM. This is an informal program. If accepted, you will be partnered with a medical student and it will be your responsibility to contact the medical student to meet. Some example activities include meeting over coffee to discuss your competitiveness or motivation for medical school or attending medical seminars on UWF campus at the FSU COM classroom. The goal of the program is to simply provide you with a mentor that you can use as a resource to support your efforts into medical school. 

What ArgoNoles is not: 
Please be advised, that ArgoNoles is NOT a clinical experience. It is simply a mentorship program to allow you to get advice and get experience for what makes a competitive medical school applicant and what you can expect in medical school. 

Applications for the ArgoNoles mentor program are e-mailed to all Biology majors during the start of the fall semester (September/October) and the mentor program runs for the academic year. 

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