Intelligent Systems and Robotics
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Preparing tomorrow’s thought‑leaders

Intelligent systems and robotics innovations are transforming the future of technology and society. Now is the time for the next generation of innovators to step forward.

The University of West Florida and the Institute of Human and Machine Cognition have partnered to offer a highly innovative, research‑focused doctoral program designed to develop thought‑leaders in these exciting fields. The program is one of just a few in the nation—and the first and only in Florida. By blending the latest in future-tech theory with hands-on practice, the program trains students to develop new smart technologies that combine human and machine elements in groundbreaking ways.

A dynamic partnership between UWF’s stand-out academic programs and IHMC allows students to tap into the expertise of a world‑class research center to make their mark in the field of the future.

UWF offers competitive assistantships for this program, commensurate with education and experience.

Graduates emerge from this program as technological powerhouses, poised for high‑demand jobs in research and development, healthcare, transportation, defense and high‑tech industries.

Dr. Brent Venable Dr. Brent Venable

Program Director

Dr. Brent Venable comes to UWF with the skills and experience to serve as the inaugural director of the program.

Meet Dr. Venable

Taking your cues from the top talent in the field

A cornerstone of the program is hands‑on research in intelligent systems and robotics. Students work alongside UWF faculty and IHMC scientists to investigate, test and develop new ideas and technologies through specialized research projects. IHMC scientists are an integral part of the program and serve as dissertation chairs and Ph.D. advisors.

Meet the UWF Faculty Meet the IHMC Research Scientists

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Kicking theory up a level

Program participants receive a personalized assessment of readiness, a match with an IHMC research leader and a personalized core curriculum of foundational courses in knowledge representation and reasoning, machine learning, artificial intelligence, hardware/software interaction and research methods applicable to their background and experience level.

Typical backgrounds for this program include engineering, computer science, mathematics and various other science and engineering disciplines.

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Innovators wanted

Learn more about the UWF‑IHMC Ph.D. in Intelligent Systems and Robotics.

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