Dr. John Batchelor

Dr. John H. Batchelor

  • Position:  Chair and Associate Professor
  • Department:  Management and MIS
  • Office Location:  Bldg 76A Room 308
  • jbatchelor1@uwf.edu
  • Campus: 8504742316


Dr. John H. Batchelor, Chair and Associate Professor, has conducted a great deal of research on entrepreneurs.

His research looks at entrepreneurship, leadership, methods and organizational behavior as well as ethics, motivation and opportunity recognition.

He examines aspects of gender, creativity, emotional intelligence, likelihood of success, and emotional labor – a requirement that employees display required emotions toward customers or others.

Batchelor’s study of organizational behavior considers implicit theories of work, motivation and communication.

Other topics Batchelor has examined: Increasing intuitive decision-making speed and accuracy, perceptions of ethical behavior, questionable research practices in the field of management, and educating students who will run a family business.

Publications include Journal of Small Business Strategy, Journal of Management Policy and Practice, and Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship.

In 2016 Batchelor’s accomplishments were recognized by the College of Business, which named him one of two faculty members chosen for its Dyson Awards for Excellence in Research and Scholarly Activity and one of three people to receive its Dyson Award for Excellence in Service.

Batchelor majored in Management Organizational Behavior/Organizational Behavior at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he received his Ph.D. in 2011. He worked as a controller for private businesses for several years before going to Virginia Commonwealth.

Among courses he teaches: Training and Development, Graduate Management and Organizational Behavior, Compensation and Benefits, MBA Fundamentals and The Future: Projecting, Planning and Managing.