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Promotional Items

Branded promotional items, including merchandise and apparel, provide the opportunity to reinforce the University's brand presence to a range of key audiences.

Promotional items are often subject to restrictions for artwork, including imprint size limitations and limited color choices. When ordering these items, keep it simple and leverage the power of the University logos. Do not expect your promotional items to carry your entire message. Rather, consider your items as part of the UWF experience you provide.

example of uwf branded promotional coffee mug and pens

General Guidelines

University divisions, colleges, schools, departments and units are encouraged to use their official logo signatures on promotional items and in promotional activities. While the primary logo signatures are preferred to represent any area, the secondary version is permitted when space is limited. To maintain consistency when creating promotional items, logo signatures must adhere to the UWF logo signature system standards. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Choose colors that closely resemble the UWF institutional colors for your items and carefully consider the readability of the imprint colors. The use of colors outside of the UWF institutional colors or patterned fabrics is strongly discouraged. When using dark colored items, the white version of the logo signature is recommended.
  • Consider representing your event, department or unit name with text or your department URL rather than a logo. For example, the URL of a department can communicate the department name, the major and the contact info all at once. Examples of where this may be required include pens and keychains or other similar small items. Text should be typeset in Helvetica Neue, Gotham or approved alternatives outlined on our typography page.
  • Consider using items that have multiple imprint locations. This will allow logo signatures to be placed separately from conflicting artwork and/or names as well as uphold a clear visual identity. Logo signature standards require that the marks must be surrounded by a clear area and maintain a clear visual distance from other text, designs or marks.
  • Ensure you provide the correct file type. Each format has features and limitations that make them suited to specific uses or distribution channels. Visit the Logo Signature File Types webpage for more information.

Embroidery Guidelines

To allow for greater flexibility, Institutional Communications has developed a specialty signature logo for embroidery use only. Departments and units whose personnel wear apparel as part of their job duties should use the embroidery option in their respective logo signature set when purchasing merchandise with embroidery. When selecting vendors, ensure substantial stitch counts for quality renderings and choose colors to match as close as possible to the official UWF colors. In certain circumstances, art will need to be further modified to meet specific requirements. In this case, email for guidance.

Use of the Presidential Seal

The University of West Florida Presidential Seal is only permitted for use on promotional items by the president, vice presidents, Board of Trustees and Institutional Communications. Additionally, in specific, limited circumstances, the Office of Enrollment Affairs and the Office of the General Counsel are permitted to use the seal on promotional items. Any other use of the Presidential Seal for promotional items must be approved in advance on a case-by-case basis by the Executive Director of Institutional Communications. To request permission, email

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

Athletic marks and terminology including “University of West Florida Argonauts,” “UWF Argonauts,” and “West Florida Argonauts” are restricted for use by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. When using athletic marks on promotional materials, the marks may vary in size to meet imprint area restrictions, but they cannot otherwise be altered and must maintain a clear visual distance from other text, designs or marks, including sponsor logos. Limited exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To submit a request for use, email

Obtaining Licensing Approvals:

When ordering promotional items that display the University name or include University logos, departments are required to use authorized licensed vendors.

Licensee lists can be found on the Trademark Licensing website. There are many licensed vendors that can assist with production needs and comply with the brand standards. The vendors with “Internal Use” licenses may produce UWF promotional items, however, “Internal Use” licensees may not produce items for resale.

Select a licensed vendor and send your desired artwork to them to place your order. The vendor is responsible for submitting the design through UWF’s licensing process for approval. UWF is contracted with Learfield Licensing Partners for this service.

Institutional Communications and UWF Licensing reserve the right to reject or request changes to designs that do not adhere to standards, reflect an appropriate level of quality and design, conflict with current trademarks, or that might be seen as offensive or in poor taste. In certain circumstances, proposed designs may fall into an indefinite area for which there is no firm standard. In these cases, Institutional Communications and licensing reserve the right to reject a design and/or recommend an appropriate alternative.