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Prior to receiving accommodations and services, students must self identify as a student needing accommodations by registering with Student Accessibility Resources. There are different processes for accommodations depending on the nature of the disability. Please call our office at 850-474-2387 if you need assistance regarding the process.

Steps to requesting accommodations:

  1. Students requesting services must have applied and be admitted to the University. 
  2. Students may also need to submit appropriate documentation to verify disability and need for accommodations (SAR Documentation Requirements). 
  3. Students will need to complete a registration appointment with a Student Accessibility Resources staff member.  (Students receiving academic accommodations will also need to submit a semester request each semester.)

Students interested in obtaining accommodation services for a disability should begin the process described above as soon as possible after admission to the University. If additional information is needed at any time during the process, the procedure of reviewing documentation can be delayed, which may also delay the delivery of academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and/or services.

Note: Registration appointments for incoming students are typically scheduled no earlier than one month prior to the start of their first semester.

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Accommodations needed for a disability needed to ensure equal access to classroom and testing. Examples include extended time for testing, notetaking support, preferential seating, etc.

Academic Accommodations


Student Accessibility Resources works in partnership with Housing and Residence Life to ensure equal access to all students within University housing. Accommodations due to a disability for University Housing

University Housing Accommodations

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Temporary impairments or medical conditions are generally not regarded as disabilities. The degree of functional limitation and the duration of such impairments are typically not substantial enough to cause a temporary condition to be considered a disability.

Temporary Accommodations

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This page describes the procedure students should use to initiate course substitution/modification requests. It also details the procedure that SAR and the appropriate committee will follow during the review process.

Graduation Modification or Substitution Request

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Student Accessibility Resources (SAR) is committed to the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities within the UWF community as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act and its amendments.

Continuing Education

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