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Testing Accommodation Guidelines

Whenever possible, students are encouraged to schedule their exams under the direct supervision of their instructors or their designees. If this is not possible, testing accommodations are provided to students who are registered with the SAR and have been approved for this accommodation.

In order for SAR to provide the instructor with verification of a student's eligibility for academic accommodations, a Semester Request Form must be submitted each semester. It is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor at the beginning of the semester to discuss academic accommodations in the course, including appropriate testing accommodations.

Please Note:  The purpose of extended time on exams and quizzes is to ensure that a student’s performance is reflective of his/her mastery of the material rather than the speed at which a student performs. Extra time on timed quizzes and exams affords a corrective for specific disabilities and thus permits a more accurate measure of acquired knowledge. Therefore, extended time accommodations do not apply to take home exams. Take home exams comply with Universal Design of instruction meaning extended time is built in and afforded every student taking the exam.

Requesting Testing Accommodations at the SAR Office

  • If the instructor is unable to provide testing accommodations, the student must submit a Test Request form a minimum of five (5) business days prior to the scheduled test date (or the deadline set by SAR for final exam requests). The form is available in MyUWF by searching for "SAR Accommodate - Student Portal" and then selecting the Testing Room tab.
    NOTE: If the test request is not received by the deadline, neither SAR nor the instructor is obligated to provide the testing accommodation.
  • Once the request has been received and processed, the instructor and the student will receive written confirmation of the test date.
  • Exams are administered at SAR during the scheduled class time unless prior notification of a different date/time is approved by the instructor. 
  • All final exams coordinated in the SAR are administered during the university's Finals Time Blocks. For more information about Finals Time Blocks, follow this link to the UWF Final Exam Schedule.

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Online Exam Accommodations

  • Students should email their instructor at least two days prior to the test/quiz date to remind him/her of the approved extended test time.
  • If the online test will be proctored by SAR, please follow the steps above to request testing accommodations at the SAR office.

Testing Policies


Academic Dishonesty

In the event that a candidate displays an alleged act of academic dishonesty, SAR staff will immediately terminate the testing session and report all findings to the faculty. Any non-approved materials will be confiscated and turned over to the faculty.


Photo identification is required during the check-in process.

  • You may use your Nautilus Card or a government-issued ID that bears a photo of the candidate (i.e. state-issued driver's license or ID card, passport, military ID, etc.). We will not accept another school's identification card.
  • The identification presented for test entry must be current (not expired) and an original/physical form of identification and not a copy or photograph 
  • No candidate will be allowed to test without identification. 

Personal Items

No personal items are permitted in the testing room. All personal items should be left at home or secured in the candidate’s vehicle. There are a limited number of lockers available for candidates to secure their belongings. SAR staff are not responsible for any lost or damaged items. 

Prohibited Items

Candidates cannot bring the following items into the testing room:

  • Any Item Not Identified by the Instructor as Allowed Exam Materials
  • Books, dictionaries, and notes/papers of any kind, unless previously authorized
  • Mechanical pencils, mechanical erasers and erasers with sleeves
  • Highlighters, ink pens, felt-tip markers, colored pens or pencils, and correction fluid/tape
  • Hats and other head coverings, except those for religious purposes (must match acceptable ID used)
  • Watches or timers of any kind
  • Fitness bands or monitors
  • Earplugs, ear muffs, or headphones of any kind (unless provided by our office)
  • Sunglasses and any reading/sunglass cases and sleeves
  • Phones
  • Electronic tablets and personal computers, unless previously authorized
  • Rulers
  • Food and Drinks- Including Water, Gum, Candy, Coughdrops, etc.
  • Backpacks, Purses, Wallets, Briefcases, etc.
  • Calculators, unless previously authorized
  • Paper of Any Kind- You Will be Provide Scratch Paper as Needed
  • Listening devices (including Bluetooth)
  • Recording or Photographic Devices of any kind
  • Noisy or Distracting Jewelry
  • Any electronic device not listed above must be shown to the proctor and will be subject to inspection and approval
  • Any Items Not Approved by SAR Staff

Please Note:

The use of any medical device, such as an asthma inhaler or insulin pump, within the examination room will be inspected by SAR staff prior to entering the testing room.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are prohibited in the testing room. Cell phones are to be secured in the candidate's vehicle or in a locker while testing. Cell phones must be powered off while the student is testing. If the candidate's device causes disruption to the office while the candidate is testing, SAR staff will interrupt the candidate’s test to have them power off their device. Any lost time will not be adjusted.

Late Arrival

Candidates should prepare to arrive 15 minutes before their appointment time to check-in. If a candidate is going to be late, the candidate must inform SAR in advance. If a candidate is more than 20 minutes late, the exam will be returned to the instructor and the student will need to reschedule. Testing time will not be adjusted if the candidate arrives late.


All testing activities will be monitored via recorded video and audio, physical walk-through, and observation windows.


Candidates are asked to be respectful of others who may be testing and keep all noise to a minimum. Additionally, communication with other candidates is prohibited during and after the exam. Candidates will be given one warning regarding disruptive behavior or distractive noises. If the behavior continues SAR staff will immediately terminate the testing session and exam materials will be returned. 


Breaks are not permitted unless the candidate is approved for breaks as an academic accommodation by Student Accessibility Resources. Candidates should be prepared to sit for the entire duration of the exam. If breaks are permitted, the candidate cannot access their phone, study materials, or any electronic devices during a break.

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