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Office of Equity and Inclusion

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Inclusion at the University of West Florida

At the University of West Florida, we seek to welcome and advance talented minds from all walks of life. We strive to make UWF a place where people of all identities, perspectives, and experiences feel welcome, respected, able to present their authentic selves, and empowered to reach their full potential

We are committed to recruiting, retaining and cultivating a diverse, equitable and inclusive community. We believe these values are important to the core mission of what we do. It is imperative that we provide equal opportunity and support for all and, in doing so, make us exceptional. 

Many colleges and units have their own committees and initiatives that are working to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. Guided by our shared understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Office of Equity and Inclusion works closely with the campus community to continue our efforts toward achieving the most inclusive and equitable learning and working environment where every Argonaut can thrive and succeed. 


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Diversity is one of UWF’s core values. As reflected in our broad array of academic disciplines, we are a scholarly community that encourages diversity of thought and embraces the many aspects of life that make us unique and different. The University welcomes people of all racial, ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic, national and international backgrounds. We embrace diversity of pedagogy, religion, age, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, veteran status and political affiliation. Diversity is essential to our ability to survive and thrive. Every individual is a valuable member of our community and a necessary asset to our mission. We demonstrate this everyday in our policies, practices and operating procedures.

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Equity is also one of the core values of the University of West Florida. The concept of equity differs from that of equality in that it prioritizes fairness over sameness. In this framework, we recognize that we do not all arrive at UWF with the same resources and abilities, which in turn, creates different experiences and may exacerbate existing disparities. The practice of equity equalizes the playing field. In order to create an equitable campus, we must carefully assess the diverse needs of students, faculty and staff in a concerted effort to remove institutional barriers that limit full participation. To do this, we must increase access to resources and networks to help underrepresented groups across our student, faculty, and staff populations achieve their full potential. 


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Inclusion refers to the active, intentional and ongoing engagement efforts we undertake in order to create a culture that is respectful, affirming, and supportive of all members reaching their full potential. We embrace differences and believe that every person should feel a true sense of belonging. We continue to strive toward involving more unique perspectives and actively invite participation from historically underrepresented groups to make a better community for all.

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Diversity at the University of West Florida