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May 14, 2009  |  Procurement and Contracts |

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Have a Great & Safe Summer!

Having Problems With Your Contracted Vendor?

PCard Autoposting Courtesy Calls & Emails

Do You Need Help with Registering Vendors?

PCard Approvals: Choosing Terminated Commodity Codes and Vendors

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Have a Great & Safe Summer!Great Summer
Procurement and Contracts hopes everyone has a safe and enjoyable vacation. Have a great summer with your family and friends and we look forward to seeing and working with you in the Fall. Just remember we are here to assist you at anytime throughout the year. If you are unable to find the information you need on our internal web site or the Argus Directory Services tab, please contact any one of us as listed below. Read more . . .

Having Problems With Your Contracted Vendor? Problems
If you are dealing with a vendor who is on contract with the University and you begin to have problem

  • contact Procurement and Contracts;
  • keep an accurate written record of your problems: who you spoke with; when and what was discussed, emails etc.

We can help by speaking and meeting with the vendor and noticing the vendor in writing. Our contract language protects the University and vendors are to comply according to the contractual terms and conditions. Read more . . .

PCard Autoposting Courtesy Calls & Emails
In a effort to reach out and help your department avoid unclassified PCard charges and audit findings, we are providing courtesy calls and emails to remind you how important it is to fulfill this 3-step approval process. Unclassified charges are considered audit findings for your department. They affect statistical reporting and are labor intensive for your department and others to correct. These audit findings may also affect the University's State appropriations and your Cardholder privileges.
Read more . . .

Do You Need Help with Registering Vendors?Vendors
We realize that it can be difficult to get vendors to register in a timely manner and that is why the established procedure requires that the vendor be registered before you place an order, giving you the leverage needed to prompt the vendor to register.  In an effort to assist you, two email templates have been developed for your convenience.  Just copy and paste the appropriate template into your email and then send to the vendor.
Read more . . .

PCard Approvals: Choosing Terminated Commodity Codes and Vendors
When Account/Business Managers are reviewing/updating PCard charges, the following message may appear in the bottom row of your Banner Screen: “40509: Oracle error: unable to UPDATE record”. If you see this error message, it means that you have entered either a terminated vendor or a terminated Commodity Code. All of the following Commodity Codes have been terminated in Banner. Read more . . .

Report Highlights of the Month
Report PicThe two reports below are located in Information Navigator ("Banner ERP System" Channel in Argus) under Procurement & Contracts. Please click on the links below and view how these very useful reports might help you accomplish your tasks and departmental needs: Read more . . .