Legislative Updates

The Florida State Legislature began their 2016 Legislative Session on January 12, 2016. The Legislative Session will conclude on March 11, 2016.

Legislative Update 16 January 2016

Committee Update and Priority Bill Report
Full Bill Report
Crosswalk for Senate Higher Education Committee Workshopped Bills

Legislative Update 29 January 2016

Committee Update and Priority Bill Report
House Chairman's Education Budget Proposal
Senate Education Appropriations Chairman's Proposal
Senate Education Appropriations Implementing Bill Bullets
Senate Education Appropriations Proviso Language

Legisltive Update 5 February 2016

Committee Update and Priority Bill Report


Tracking the Florida State Legislature

Currently, the Legislature is on 1 week notice. This means that committee chairs and presiding officers are required to give 1 week notice of bills being heard in a committee on the floor of each chamber.

For up to date schedules, please visit: 




The house and senate also have bill trackers that allow you be informed when a bill status changes. 

You can find this information at: 




Unless you are the registered lobbyist for UWF, you should not use your UWF email address to lobby any legislative members or their staff or advocate for or against any bill or issue. Your UWF email address is a state email and employees are not to use state resources to lobby the legislature. If you choose to lobby for something you believe in, please do so on your personal time and with your own private resources.

Employee Guide to Legislative Communications