B.A. in Maritime Studies

Of the handful of existing Maritime Studies programs in the United States, none is as diverse and widely appealing as the University of West Florida's.


The Maritime Studies program at UWF prepares students for a variety of occupations through the integration of diverse maritime themes. UWF's interdisciplinary program integrates five primary fields of study:

  • anthropology and archaeology
  • environmental studies
  • history
  • government
  • biology

The program is enhanced with studies in economics, public administration, art, geography, and leisure. [Academic Learning Compact]

Chart your own course with a customized Maritime Studies program that fits your career interests.

Flexibility is the hallmark of UWF's Maritime Studies Program. Students tailor their degree program to their individual interests. Core courses provide an overview of the main areas of study. Students complete their degree program with elective courses from a wide range of disciplines, such as anthropology/archaeology, marine biology, environmental studies, history, art history, literature, law, political science and leisure. Undergraduate students also complete a minor in their primary field of interest.


Immerse yourself in real-life field experiences.

Maritime Studies students will also gain structured field experiences in sampling, recording, and other practical aspects of professional work in the field environment.

Field study and internships in underwater archaeology and overseas history are available, and other field experiences can be designed.


Maritime Career Opportunities

  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Armed Forces
  • Coastal Zone Management
  • Coast Guard
  • Economic and Environmental Development
  • Earth Sciences
  • Harbor and port Management
  • Cruise Ships and Marine Vessels
  • Tourism
  • Maritime History
  • Maritime Law
  • Navigation
  • Underwater Archaeology