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Ludmila Cosio-Lima


Dr. Ludmila Cosio-Lima, professor of exercise science, teaches electrocardiogram interpretation, exercise testing and prescription, and physiological basis of strength.

Research and Professional Interests:

  • Sports Cardiology, 12-Lead ECG as screening tool for sudden cardiac death
  • Prevention of illnesses and injuries in civilian and military population
  • Investigation of modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease Response of
    inflammatory markers (IL-6, IL-10, TNF-α, and cortisol) in diverse populations
    during exercise or diverse environmental conditions
  • Effects of strength training and conditioning on balance and proprioceptor
    activation in different populations

Educational Background

  • Post-doctoral fellow, Preventive Cardiology, Harford Hospital, Hartford CT.
    • D.P.E. in Clinical Exercise Physiology, Springfield College
    • M.S. in Exercise Physiology, Springfield College.
    • B.A. in Recreation Administration, University of New Mexico, NM


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2- Cosio-Lima L, Adlof L, Simpson J, Crawley A, Lee Y. Athletes ECG stress
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4- Simpson J., Cosio-Lima L., Scudamore E., O’Neal E., Stewart E., Miller B.,
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Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 2019. 

5- Cosio-Lima L., Cosio Pascal M. Radioterapia e Hipertermia por medio de
circulación extracorpórea en el tratamiento de sarcomas avanzados. (Article in
Spanish) Gaceta Oncologica Mexicana, 2019; Sup 18:1-7

6- Caillouet K, Cosio-Lima L. Association of Health Empowerment and Handgrip
Strength with Intention to Participate in Physical Activity among Community-
Dwelling Older Adults Dr Karla. Experimental Gerontology, 2019; 121:99-105

7- Knapikk JJ, Cosio-Lima LM, Reynolds KL, Shumway RS. Efficacy of Functional Movement and Screening for Predicting Injunries in Coast Guard Cadets. J Strength Cond Res. 2015, 29(5):1157-62  


  • 27 Ironman triathlon finishes
  • ACSM Fellowship
  • Over 60 publications in Peer Review Journals
  • Accreditation of the undergraduate Exercise Science Program
  • National Strength and Conditioning ERP Endorsement Graduate and
    Undergraduate Programs
  • NSCA Foundation Vice President


  • English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian,