M.H.A. Healthcare Administration

Health administrators work in hospitals, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, long term care facilities, and insurance companies. Demographic pressures, advances in medicine and technology, and increased health regulations have led to a rapid increase in the demand for this field. The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) is designed to prepare qualified individuals for various administrative and leadership positions in the healthcare industry. It is delivered online.

Program Description

The program strives to develop engaged, early healthcare careerists who use evidence-based strategies and applied skills to improve operations, quality of care, affordability, and access. The MHA program includes instruction in administration, healthcare financial accounting, health economics, human resources, systems operation, quality improvement, organizational behavior and health policy. Instruction embraces ethical conduct and professionalism, diversity and inclusion, practitioner involvement and team-based learning. 

MHA Courses and Curriculum

Course Listing


Department Contact

Dr. Angela Hahn

Admission Requirements

The department bases decisions for regular admission on a holistic review of credentials in which the following criteria are used to assess the potential success of each applicant:

  • Submission of Graduate Application and Processing Fee
  • Submission of official transcripts
    • Undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater
    • Undergraduate senior year/major GPA of 3.0 or greater
  • Submission of graduate admission tests (GRE, MAT, or GMAT). The test requirement may be waived if one of these conditions is met:
    • The applicant has a 3.5 GPA or higher
    • The applicant has a 3.0 GPA and three years of relevant work experience in a healthcare organization that would normally require an bachelor’s degree
    • The applicant holds a terminal degree (Ph.D., J.D., Ed.D. etc.) or an advanced professional degree (M.S., M.A., etc.) from an accredited program
  • Submission of Letter of Intent 
  • Submission of three Letters of Recommendation
  • Submission of current resume

Healthcare Administration

GEB 5871 MBA Foundations: Managerial Economics 1.5
GEB 5872 MBA Foundations: Financial Management I 1.5
GEB 5876 MBA Foundations: Marketing Management 1.5
MAN 6156 Management and Organizational Behavior 3
HSC 6206 Health Delivery Systems 3
HSA 5438 Business Analysis and Decision Making in Health Care 3
HSA 6175 Healthcare Finance 3
HSA 6425 Healthcare Law 3
HSA 6197 Health Informatics 3
HSA 6752 Quantitative Foundations and Data Analysis for Health Admin 3
HSA 6707 Current Issues in Health Administration 3
HSA 6436 Health Economics 3
HSA 6103 Health Services Administration 3
HSA 6342 Human Resources in Health Care 3
HSA 6944 Internship in Health Administration 3
Total Hours 40.5

Please note that some courses may require the use of a proctor for some exams. There might be a nominal fee associated with this.

Not all states authorize online programs, if you are residing outside of Florida you will want to check the status of your state's acceptance of this program: http://uwf.edu/online/out-of-state-students/state-authorization/

Federal and state regulations as well as most healthcare organization policies require employees to undergo a background check before hire.  Background checking is also required prior to placement in an internship. Please consider this when deciding on a major and career path.

Application Deadlines

Fall ApplicationSpring Application
August 8 November 25

Student Perspective

“UWF has developed an exceptional online Masters in Healthcare Administration program which caters to the busy lifestyles of those of us with families and careers. The ability to go to school on ‘my schedule’ allows me the freedom of learning when I set aside the time.” — Georgina Glenn, current student, M.H.A. Healthcare Administration

Faculty Perspective

“Many of our students are professionals employed in healthcare settings. They find that our MHA Healthcare Administration specialization core- and major-related courses provide them with a strong healthcare business administration foundation needed to advance in the field. Program electives offer students the ability to concentrate on administrative issues within healthcare from population-focused health care to medical informatics.” — Dr. Debra M. Vinci, Movement Sciences and Health Chair

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