Student Resources

The following University resources are available for all UWF students. In addition, the College of Education and Professional Studies has several resource centers available for CEPS students.

CEPS Advising Center

The College of Education and Professional Studies offers a one-stop location for all CEPS advising needs. The CEPS Advising Center assists all CEPS students with course selection, registration and degree planning. We strongly recommend our students to have on-going communication and meetings with an advisor to ensure all of our students are on the right track toward their degree.  Our advisors provide students with the opportunity to discuss academic programs, career objectives, scholarship and internship possibilities, and other topics vital to overall academic development.

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Professional Studies Library

The Professional Studies Library (PSL) was created to assist and support the professional growth of Criminal Justice, Education, and Social Work students. The PSL also provides pre-K through grade twelve resources to support the teacher education programs of the University.

The PSL has materials available for criminal justice, education, and social work students. The PSL has a curriculum collection in addition to the professional studies collection. The curriculum collection includes educational materials such as Florida authorized textbooks, DVDs, video-cassettes, CDs, math and science manipulatives, models, games, and other types of teaching aids appropriate for pre-K through grade twelve.

The PSL staff will be happy to assist students with questions concerning the use of the Library Catalog, access to journals (both print and electronic full-text), and Internet research. For in-depth research assignments, students may schedule an appointment with the librarian Donna Fluharty. To schedule a research consultation call in advance for an appointment at 850-474-2439.

Writing Lab Assistants are available at the PSL during special hours to assist students with paper reading and critiquing, APA style help, and tutoring in grammar and usage, mechanics, and sentence structure.

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The Pickens Suite

The College of Education and Professional Studies Pickens Suite is located in Building 86, encompassing Rooms 108, 110 and 111. Established in 1997, the College of Education and Professional Studies Pickens Instructional Classroom was made possible with appropriated funds from Dr. and Mrs. William Pickens in support of the College’s technology initiative. The purpose of the Pickens Suite is to provide our College students and faculty the opportunity to utilize technology to boost learning potential.

The Pickens Instructional Classroom has 30 computers, and the instructor podium includes a SMART Sympodium™ presentation environment. Specialized software available in the Pickens Instructional Classroom includes SPSS, MatLab, Primevera, and Sage. Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, except when otherwise posted.

The Pickens Suite also houses the Emerge Office, and the Lime Lounge which features a Smart board and collaborative workstations for group work and class meetings.

For more information, please contact the CEPS Dean's Office at 850-474-2769

The CORAL Center

The Community Outreach Research and Learning (CORAL) Center is a multifunctional facility devoted to performing high–quality research and evaluation studies. Located in Building 78, Room 134A, the CORAL Center focuses on serving the research and learning needs of graduate students, faculty, and staff at UWF.

The CORAL Center has a three–part mission:

  • Serve the specific needs of community–based organizations in the Emerald Coast region
  • Provide UWF graduate students authentic learning experiences via real–world, applied research projects
  • Assist UWF faculty in conducting applied research and publishing activities

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The Doctoral Support and Quality Assurance Center

The Doctoral Support and Quality Assurance Center (DSQAC) is available to doctoral students, and provides assistance throughout the entire dissertation process. The DSC offers help from the initial write-up to the final review after it has been submitted to UMI/ProQuest. Graduate Assistants (GAs) have extensive knowledge in APA style, as well as the UWF Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines. While the GAs are not editors and do not make extensive changes to your paper for you, they can provide you direct guidance on areas that do not meet the APA or Dissertation Guidelines.

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