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Academic Probation

The intent of academic probation is to serve formal notice that a student may not be making satisfactory progress. It gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to meet the University's academic expectations. Students whose cumulative grade point average (GPA) for University of West Florida course work is below the minimum listed below will be placed on academic probation by the College of Education and Professional Studies.

Advice to Students on Probation

As a student on academic probation, the two most important steps you can take are to gain as much information as possible about your individual academic situation and based on this information develop a plan to return to good academic standing in the following semester. This is the time to do the following:

  • Assess the severity of your grade point average deficit
  • Know what courses you should be taking (or retaking)
  • Be aware of the grades needed to clear probationary status
  • Develop a study schedule and routine that will provide you with both the structure and support you need to concentrate on improving your academic performance

The CEPS Advising Center is ready to assist you with this effort. You can meet with an advisor by scheduling an appointment through Navigate. 

Conditions associated with academic probation are intended to specify the achievement standards required to graduate, to identify unsatisfactory academic performance at an early date, to provide occasion for counseling, and to give students whose ultimate success is in question further opportunity to demonstrate their ability to meet academic expectations.

Courses Taken at Other Institutions

While students may take courses at other institutions (in accordance with University and departmental policy), the grades earned will have no affect on the student's cumulative GPA.

Change of Major While on Probation

Students on probation may apply for a change of major; however, approval is granted by the chairperson of the prospective department. Students should contact the chairperson for guidance.

Probation Survey

Probation Survey (DOCX)

Probation Survey (PDF)