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Mission, Vision, Values

At the UWF College of Education and Professional Studies, we strive to provide a quality educational experience to all of our students. We achieve this goal through our Mission, Vision and Values.

Our Mission

The mission of the College of Education & Professional Studies is to:

  • Deliver high-quality, impactful educational programs that purposefully engage students to prepare for professional success;
  • Promote reputable and effective teaching strategies meeting the needs of students and the global community;
  • Produce and support significant scholarly and creative research;
  • Commit to community partnerships and service through meaningful initiatives

Our Vision

The vision of the College of Education and Professional Studies fosters a diverse, safe, and dynamic academic learning environment preparing students with life skills to meet the challenges of a contemporary, global society. Faculty, staff, students, and alumni dedicate themselves to positively impact their respective communities.

Our Values

The values of the College of Education and Professional Studies - shared with stakeholders - are:

  • Affinity: Preserving enduring and caring relationships among students, faculty, alumni, community and professional partners.
  • Collaboration: Building cooperative internal and external interprofessional relationships to promote and achieve shared expectations and goals.  
  • Creativity: Nurturing a culture of learning and scholarship through transformational opportunities driven by original and innovative approaches.
  • Entrepreneurship: Encouraging a culture that identifies opportunities to initiate change.
  • Inclusiveness: Appreciating, valuing, and encouraging diverse perspectives, ideas, and experiences.
  • Service: Devoting resources for the betterment of the college, university, and global community.