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Dr. Natalie Goulette


Dr. Natalie Goulette, who has a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice, conducts research on judicial matters as part of her work as an associate professor at UWF’s Department of Criminology & Justice. Her research has examined such questions as whether female defendants receive different treatment than male defendants and what role defense attorneys play in generating disparities in case dispositions and outcomes.

Goulette also has studied other aspects of the criminal justice system: sentencing for black defendants; the influence of grandmothers raising children; collateral consequences of criminal conviction on offenders; and drug and mental health treatment for rehabilitative sentencing. In addition, she wrote technical reports on criminal matters for Ohio agencies and contributed to the Encyclopedia of Criminology & Criminal Justice. Goulette’s work has been published in peer-reviewed publications such as Journal of Criminal Justice, Criminology and Public Policy, Criminal Justice Review, and Caribbean Journal of Criminology and Public Safety.

Goulette joined the UWF faculty in 2013 after she earned her doctorate from the University of Cincinnati. She also has bachelor and master’s degrees in Criminal Justice from Bowling Green State University. She teaches both online and traditional courses such as American Justice System, Juvenile Justice, Punishment and Society, and Courts and Society.

Degrees & Institutions

Goulette received her bachelor and master's degree in Criminal Justice from Bowling Green State University. She went on to earn her doctorate in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati.


  • Case processing and sentencing outcomes
  • Sentencing disparities
  • Collateral consequences and offender reentry
  • Evidence-based practices in community corrections
  • Juvenile delinquency

Current Courses

  • Juvenile Justice
  • Corrections
  • Courts and Society

Classes Taught

  • Punishment and Society
  • Juvenile Justice
  • American Justice System
  • Alternative Punishment


  • Goulette, N., Reitler, A., Flesher, W., Frank, J., & Travis, L. (2014). Criminal justice practitioners’ perceptions of collateral consequences of criminal conviction on offenders. Criminal Justice Review, 39(3), 290-304.
  • Johnson, D., King, W.R., Katz, C.M., Fox, A.M., & Goulette, N. (2008). Youth perceptions of the police in Trinidad and Tobago. Caribbean Journal of Criminology and Public Safety.

Keywords: court treatment of female defendants, grandmothers raising children, defense attorneys’ influence on cases, collateral consequences on criminal offenders, sentencing for black defendants, cumulative disadvantage of sentencing of black defendants, rehabilitative sentencing