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Consistent color use is one of the key components of a strong brand. The UWF color palette has five layers: the primary palette, secondary palette, tertiary palette, accent palette and Argonaut Athletics palette. UWF is easily identified by its palette of blues and greens. When working with our institutional colors, always use the color values as follows to ensure uniformity.

Primary Institutional Color Palette

UWF’s primary palette consists of two colors: UWF Blue (Pantone™ 2945), UWF Green (Pantone™ 356). These strong colors do best when used singly as the dominant color in collateral, with UWF Blue serving as the preferred choice.

  • UWF Blue

    Pantone: 2945C

    CMYK: 100, 53, 2, 16

    RGB: 0, 76, 151

    HEX: 004C97
  • UWF Green

    Pantone: 356C

    CMYK: 91, 4, 100, 25

    RGB: 0, 122, 51

    HEX: 007A33

Secondary Institutional Color Palette

Colors in the secondary palette accent our core colors and infuse marketing materials with depth, energy and brilliance. Whether you’re selecting a single secondary color or several, our primary colors should be prominent on all collateral with secondary colors playing a supporting role.

  • Nautilus Blue

    Pantone: 2925C

    CMYK: 85, 21, 0, 0

    RGB: 0, 156, 222

    HEX: 009CDE
  • Luna Blue

    Pantone: 2905C

    CMYK: 45, 1, 0, 1

    RGB: 141, 200, 232

    HEX: 8DC8E8
  • Cannon Green

    Pantone: 361C

    CMYK: 77, 0, 100, 0

    RGB: 67, 176, 42

    HEX: 40A829
  • Spring Green

    Pantone: 375C

    CMYK: 46, 0, 90, 0

    RGB: 151, 210, 0

    HEX: 97C800
  • Armadillo Grey

    60% Black

Tertiary Institutional Color Palette

Colors in our tertiary palette encourage variety among designs. They add sophistication and provide additional flexibility. Tertiary colors can be included as accents but should be limited and should not be used without elements of the Primary and/or Secondary colors. Please note that President’s Gold is reserved for use by Institutional Communications.

  • Pine

    Pantone: 357C

    CMYK: C: 92 M: 18 Y: 94 K: 61

    RGB: R: 33 G: 87 B: 50

    HEX: 215732
  • Midnight

    Pantone: 2955C

    CMYK: C: 100 M: 60 Y: 10 K: 53

    RGB: R: 0 G: 56 B: 101

    HEX: 003865
  • President’s Gold (Reserved)

    Pantone: 871

    Reserved Use

    President’s Gold is reserved for use by Institutional Communications.

Accent Palette

Colors in our accent palette can be used as needed, but should be implemented sparingly. Use them as small highlights in things such as subheads or small graphic elements. This palette is comprised of suggested colors, although users are not limited to these.

  • Sand

    Pantone: Warm Gray 4

    CMYK: 0, 4, 9, 24

    RGB: 182, 173, 165

    HEX: B6ADA5
  • Marigold

    Pantone: 1235C

    CMYK: 0, 31, 98, 0

    RGB: 255, 184, 28

    HEX: FFB81C
  • Earth

    Pantone: 7603C

    CMYK: 16, 69, 98, 73

    RGB: 103, 66, 48

    HEX: 674230
  • Camelia

    Pantone: 179C

    CMYK: 0, 87, 85, 0

    RGB: 224, 60, 49

    HEX: E03C31
  • Azalea

    Pantone: 225C

    CMYK: 4, 88, 0, 0

    RGB: 223, 25, 149

    HEX: DF1995
  • Lime

    Pantone: 382C

    CMYK: 28, 0, 100, 0

    RGB: 196, 214, 0

    HEX: C4D600
  • Regal

    Pantone: 266C

    CMYK: 76, 90, 0, 0

    RGB: 117, 59, 189

    HEX: 753BBD
  • Ocean

    Pantone: 3125C

    CMYK: 95, 2, 22, 0

    RGB: 0, 171, 200

    HEX: 00ABC8

Color Use

Color Use by Audience

While all UWF communication pieces are strongest when utilizing our primary and secondary palettes, there are instances where the use of additional colors is necessary. When determining whether to include additional colors, consider the audience. Our audiences are broken down into two major categories—external and internal. External would include any mass communication, or pieces aimed at alumni, donors and friends of the University. Internal includes current UWF students, faculty and staff. Use the chart below as a rule of thumb for the amount of color to use outside of the primary and secondary palette.

Color Use by Audience Graph External Mass Communication, Alumni, Donors & Friends Internal Current Students, Faculty & Staff 10% 70% Core Brand Primary and Secondary Palette Supportive Tertiary and Accent Palette

Color Use by Tone

Use the chart below as a guide for use of color depending on the tone of your message. Our colors are flexible ranging from subtle to bold and formal to casual. For example, in the intersection between bold and casual you will find colors appropriate for an internal audience. Materials geared toward current students or faculty and staff will usually call for a more casual tone and would benefit from these color choices. In the middle of the chart, you will find colors that are more appropriate for an external audience. Consider your audience and tone thoughtfully when selecting colors for a piece.

Color Use by Tone Graph Bold Casual Subtle Formal External Internal R

Argonaut Athletics Color Palette

UWF’s athletics palette consists of four colors, which are reserved for athletic marketing materials. Limited exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.

  • Argo Blue

    Pantone: 285C

    Reserved Use

  • Argo Navy

    Pantone: 282C

    Reserved Use

  • Argo Green

    Pantone: 3405C

    Reserved Use

  • Argo Gray

    Pantone: 421C

    Reserved Use

Color Palette Assets

Color Swatch Thumbnail

The downloadable zip file below includes Pantone, CMYK and web versions of the institutional palettes. These palettes can be imported into Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign for easy reference.

Color Palette Zip

Gradient Assets

UWF Gradient Assets

The downloadable zip file below includes suggested gradients in vector PDF files using both our print and web palettes. These gradients can be added to communication pieces for visual interest.

Gradient Assets Zip

Institutional Palette Paint Matching

This document outlines the paint equivalent of the UWF institutional color palette to ensure the consistent use of official UWF colors across campus. Listed inside are the BEHR brand colors that best translate our institution’s colors into interior paint.

Paint Matching Guide