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Outdoor Center & Equipment Rental

Exterior image of the OA Outdoor Center with a sign that reads

The Outdoor Center is located in Building 209, Room 3 by the tennis courts. This center is home to all of our rental gear including climbing shoes, crash pads, tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and outdoor stoves. Anyone with an active HLS membership will be eligible to check out gear.

Summer Hours of Operation
Day Time
TBD By appointment only

Rental Equipment Procedures

Checking out Outdoor Adventure equipment is an easy process:

Step 1: Check out the Outdoor Adventure equipment from the the HLS (Building 72) Customer Service Desk.

Step 2: Get your equipment from the HLS (Building 72) or from the Outdoor Center (Building 209).

Step 3: Return equipment to the HLS to check back in.

*We offer high quality gear to rent out to our patrons. If the equipment is returned damaged or not returned at all, the participant will be charged to replace the item with a new piece of equipment which can be quite costly. Please ensure that you take good care of the equipment you rent.

Outdoor Equipment Available for Rent
Item3-Day / 10-day / Late FeePick-Up Location
Disc Golf Set Free HLS, Bld 72
Hammock $5 (1 day only) / $2 HLS, Bld 72
Tent (3-Season, 4 Person) $14 / $20 / $4 HLS, Bld 72
Sleeping Bag (30-Degree) $9 / $13 / $3 HLS, Bld 72
Sleeping Pad (Foam) $3 / $5 / $1 HLS, Bld 72
Canoe $10 (1 day) / $20 (Weekend) HLS, Bld 72 (key only)
Kayak $10 (1 day) / $20 (Weekend) HLS, Bld 72
Kayak (double) $15 (1 day) / $30 (Weekend) HLS, Bld 72
Paddleboard $15 (1 day) / $30 (Weekend) HLS, Bld 72
Mountain Bike  $15 (1 day only)  HLS, Bld 72
Camp Stove (no gas included) $5 / $8 / $2 Outdoor Center, Bld 209
Climbing Shoes $9 / $13 / $3 Outdoor Center, Bld 209
Climbing Crash Pad $9 / $13 / $3 Outdoor Center, Bld 209
Hiking Backpack (External Frame) $9 / $13 / $3 Outdoor Center, Bld 209
Semester Bike Rentals
Item1-Semester / 2-Semester / Late FeeReplacement Fee
Pick-Up Location: Outdoor Center, Bld 209
Rental Bike $75 / $125 / $10 (per day) $400
U-Bolt Lock Included $30
Lock Key Included $13
Helmet Included $30
Maintenance Included --


Unable to take reservations for equipment at this time.

Rental equipment pickup/drop-off

Equipment should be picked up at the specified location above and dropped off at the HLS Facility Customer Service Desk (Bldg 72). 

To ensure the longevity of our equipment so that future Argos can enjoy it, please properly clean, dry, and pack rental gear prior to returning.

*Hours of operation may change due to the university and holiday closures.


Visit the Health, Leisure, and Sports Facility (Building 72) Customer Service Desk and present your active HLS Membership along with payment at the time of pickup. Rental fees are non-refundable after pickup.

Rental Agreement

Renters are required to complete and submit the rental agreement form prior to receiving their requested items. This form can be completed on-site in the Bike Shop and Outdoor Center. 

Group rentals: Groups must designate one point-person to sign the rental agreement who will be responsible for lost or damaged equipment. 

Penalty Fees

Fees will be charged to the responsible party’s university account if the equipment is not returned on time, returned damaged, or returned excessively dirty. Repair, replacement, and cleaning fees are determined on a case-by-case basis by the Outdoor Adventure Administrative Staff. Equipment that is returned late will be subject to late fees accrued daily up to the amount of the replacement cost. Individuals who fail to follow rental procedures will become ineligible to rent equipment in the future.

Questions? Please email