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Payment FAQs

Frequent asked questions regarding veterans pay.

Beginning Aug 1, 2019, Covered students using Post 9/11, Chapter 33 or Voc. Rehab, Chapter 31 benefits ONLY will be issued a 90-day deferment in accordance with Public Law 115-407 sec. A 103. This Tuition Deferment will be granted to avoid the assessment of late fees, denial of access to classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities, or the requirement to borrow additional funds due to the delayed VA disbursement of funding. Students must provide approved VA documents (1905 or TEB+1990E, 1990, 1995, or Certificate of Eligibility, (COE)) to qualify for the deferment and submit an Enrollment Certification Form. Students will be granted the deferment for each term enrolled within a semester starting on the first day of the class or when tuition and fees are submitted.  


If you have less than 100% Certificate of Eligibility (COE) on file, then you are responsible for the percentage of the Tuition and Fees not covered.  Please contact the Cashier's Office at 850-474-3037 or
Go to the following link for information on Payment Plan and Other Options:   
For information on applying for financial aid:

Tuition and fee VA deferments at the University of West Florida (UWF) are not automatic.  A veteran may request a deferment (promissory note) via their VA enrollment certification in MyUWF or at UWF Military and Veterans Resource Center (MVRC) for the amount of tuition and fees.  The MVRC will submit the approved promissory note to the University Cashiers Office prior to the fee payment due date.  Failure to make payment by the deferment due date will result in the assessment of a $100 late payment fee.  Students who do not make payment or request a deferment may have their registration canceled.  Students whose registration is canceled due to non-payment may appeal for reinstatement and will be assessed a $200 reinstatement fee.  If a student has available financial aid, it will be used prior to the posting of the deferment to pay tuition, fees and other charges. 

Students who do not have a myuwf student account or students enrolled in a certificate program cannot request a VA deferment.  The University reserves the right to deny deferral status to students who have established an unfavorable credit rating.

Deferral eligibility is granted to students receiving veterans' education benefits from federal programs if aid is delayed in transmission to the student through circumstances beyond the student's control.

Veterans and other eligible students receiving veterans' education benefits on active duty and under Chapters 30, 32, 35, and 1606, U.S.C., are eligible for one deferment each academic term.  A 90-day deferment may be issued for the fall and spring terms and a 30-day deferment may be issued for the summer and mini-terms.  An additional deferment extension may be issued if there is a delay in the receipt of benefits provided the extension is requested prior to the deferment due date.

The University of West Florida is in compliance with PL 115-407 section 103.

Click YES if you would like to be granted 90 days in which to pay the University of West Florida for tuition and fees associated with your training.  A Veteran is eligible for this benefit if the student is receiving VA education benefits under Chapters 30, 32, 35, or 1606.

The University of West Florida is in compliance with PL 115-407, section 103.

Whenever you are less than full time during the semester, VA will prorate your BAH payments.

No.  To receive the BAH, you must be taking classes greater than 51%.  Training time depends on several factors. Check with the MVRC to determine your training time.

VA tries to process enrollment within 30 days of a VA ONCE submission from the school.  To ensure payments are on time, certify as early as possible.

Because of the complexity of this question, please visit the MVRC in Bldg 38, Room 147 and speak with a Transition Coach or the VSOC.  (VA will send you an explanation of benefits each semester).

Contact the Military and Veterans Resource Center (MVRC) and ensure they have you correctly certified.

Tuition and fees will not be submitted until after the semesters drop/add period.  Once VA processes your enrollment, payment will be made.  The time line will vary on when the certification is submitted.

No.  Veterans must apply for the waiver.  Once approved, they will be granted for the waiver each semester while concurrently enrolled.  Spouse and dependents must apply each semester and must be using VA Education Benefits.

Most likely the answer will be yes.  Please contact the MVRC and let us review your file and circumstances.

If you do not live in Florida and are using the Post 9/11 GI Bill® with 100% Certificate Of Eligibility (COE), you may apply for Yellow Ribbon.  Students do not qualify if they do not have a 100% COE, spouse is still on active duty, or using the fry scholarship.