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Global Online is working to support the extensive number of faculty and adjuncts who will be teaching in new modalities in the fall semester due to COVID-19. This includes support for fully online courses as well as blended courses.

Our support approach is composed of the following components, each described more below:

Essentials of Digital Instruction Course

This course presents what we feel are the basic things you need to know when teaching online. From short videos designed to help you learn how to use Canvas to discussions on how to integrate engaging strategies into your own courses, this open course is the first step for anyone new to the Canvas LMS or to distance learning at UWF.  The course should take between 1-2 hours to complete in its entirety and includes information on The ACT (Academic Continuity & Teaching) Template, accessibility, and technology tools for online pedagogy using brief text, short video instructions, and best practice examples. Participants will earn a badge or a certificate of participation. 

Visit the Enrolling in Welcome to Canvas course in eLearning from Classmate Confluence Page for more details on how to enroll in the course via Classmate.

Digital Learning Instruction Repository

Global Online has created several Canvas Modules that can be copied into online courses.These modules include ready-made sample assignments, instructor notes for implementation, and resources and technology guides for students. Using these elements helps you focus more on developing an engaging course and less on creating support resources and instructions for students. Additional pre-developed modules can be developed based on the needs of individuals, departments or colleges. Visit the Course Enhancements page to learn more. 


Web-based Targeted Content and Faculty Webinars

Content and webinars can be developed around specific college needs. The content can be posted on a webpage for faculty within any UWF website. Ideas of content include:

  • Onboarding instructions and videos for new faculty
  • Text and video instructions for tools specific to COB
  • A showcase of COB Faculty Best Practices 
  • Faculty-led webinars and recordings
Designing a Quality Online Course (DQOC)

Designing and developing an effective online course is a time-consuming process that involves significant planning and intentional decision-making. The course is designed to walk faculty through a course development project from start to finish while modeling how to teach online using a combination of seminars, labs, consultations, and web-based instruction. 

The Designing a Quality Online Course is available in Canvas. Faculty can sign up for the DQOC. The DQOC is designed to help faculty meet the requirements of the State of Florida Quality Online Course standards. Participants are able to complete the course content and assignments on their own schedule and can start the course at any time. Completion of the DQOC is required before a course can be submitted for any quality review. New participants are added to the course every Monday. Visit the Professional Development page for more course details and instructions for how to enroll. 

Group and Individual Course Design Sessions

Support provided by Global Online includes a group consultation, individual design sessions, media development, internal course reviews, and one external course review. Faculty can schedule design consultations individually or as a group. The goal of the initial consultation is to identify a course design plan and support needs for the faculty member. The faculty member/s and the instructional designer will complete a course development worksheet to guide the development process.

Resources available to faculty include course planning documents and templates designed to meet the State of Florida Quality Course Design Standards. Each instructor will receive a Quality Matters Rubric Workbook to use as he or she moves through the process. The workbook comes complete with annotations and strategies for meeting Quality Matters standards. The workbook also contains a Course Improvement Plan worksheet, which is especially useful for the courses requiring redesign. 

After the initial course design consultation, instructors will receive at least four personalized course design work sessions. During the design sessions, the instructional designer reviews the course materials and then provides input, suggestions, and resources to improve the course. Instructional designers conduct accessibility and internal quality reviews of course design and materials as they are being developed or redesigned.


Quality Course Reviews

To increase quality and accessibility, and reduce barriers to student success, faculty are encouraged to submit their online course for review to receive the Florida Quality Course Designation. Upon approval from the department chair, a UWF faculty member may submit his/her course for review.

  • The instructor and instructional designer meet to prepare the course for the internal review.
  • When the instructor and instructional designer have completed the course design, the course will be submitted for an internal course review. 
  • When the course successfully passes the internal course review, the course will be submitted for an external review. 
  • When the course successfully passes the external review, the course will receive the Quality Online Course Designation and the course will be listed in the State of Florida Online Course Catalog and as a Quality Course.
On-Demand Support for Online Instruction

UWF faculty, graduate assistants, and teaching assistants can login for on-demand support in the Global Online Support for Online Instruction WebEx room. The room is available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. The Support for Online Instruction room can be accessed from any page on the website.


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