Don't Repeat Over Again
Any Redundancies

The following is a list of redundancies compiled from business and technical writing. The prefix, word, or words in parentheses should be deleted.
(absolute) guarantee
(absolutely) essential
(absolutely) sure
(actual) experience
add (an additional)
(advance) planning
(advance) reservations
(advance) warning
all meet (together)
alongside (of)
(already) existing
(and) moreover
(as) for example
ask (a question)
(as to) whether
(as) yet
(at a) later (date)
at (the) present (time)
at some time (to come)
(basic) fundamentals
blend (together)
(but) (however)
(but) nevertheless
came (at a time) when
cancel (out)
(close) proximity
(close) scrutiny
collaborate (together)
combine (together)
commute (back and forth)
(completely) destroyed
consensus (of opinion)
continue (on)
costs (the sum of)
(current) trend
(definite) decision
descend (down)
do (over) (again)
each (and every)
first (of all)
for (a period of) 10 days
for (the period of) a year
(foreign) imports
(future) plans
(general) public
golden (wedding) anniversary
(grand) total
I (myself personally)
in (the year of) 2002
in (the city of) Seattle
in (the state of) Maine
(ir) regardless
join (together)
(local) residents
look back (in retrospect)
merged (together)
mix (together)
my (personal) opinion
myriad (of) solutions
(native) habitat
new (beginning)
off (of)
(official) business
(old) adage
over (and done with)
(pair of) twins
(past) history
plan (ahead)
postponed (until later)
proceed (ahead)
protest (against)
recur (again)
refer (back)
reflect (back)
repeat (again)
reply (back)
revert (back)
(same) (identical)
sufficient (enough)
(sum) (total)
together (at the same time)
undergraduate (student)


Avoiding Affectation - Sounding "Natural"

Revise It is the policy of the company to provide the proper telephonic apparatus to enable each employee to conduct the interoffice and intra-business communication necessary to discharge his or her responsibilities; however, it is contrary to company practice to permit telephones to be utilized for personal employee communication.
To Your telephone is provided for company business; do not use it for personal calls.


Been There, Done That - Avoiding Clichés

Change Arguably, our new computer system will have a positive impact on the company as a whole. It will keep us abreast of the times and make our competition green with envy. The committee deserves a pat on the back for its Herculean efforts in convincing management that it was the thing to do. I'm sure that their uniting efforts will not go unrewarded.
To Our new computer system will have a positive impact throughout the company. It will keep our operations up to date and make our competition envious. The committee deserves credit for its efforts in convincing management of the need for the computer. I'm sure that the value of its efforts will be recognized.


Using Punctuation to Create Clarity

Can you punctuate these sentences correctly? Call the UWF Grammar Hotline (850/474-2129) for the answers.

Whenever you can come to my office to discuss this proposal.

This company has never printed comic books, fantasy novels were always our principal publication.

I have always admired Mr. Workhorse for a number of years he was my supervisor.



Aids to Conciseness
Never use a long word when a diminutive one will do

Use words for phrases.
Change To
a large number many, some, or a specific number
as a whole entire
along the lines like, similar to
am (are, is) in a position can
are of the opinion that believe
at an early date soon (or give a specific date)
at all times always
at the present time now
at a time when when
conduct an investigation investigate
due to the fact that because
effect an improvement improve
give assistance to aid, help, or assist
give consideration to consider
have a preference for prefer
have (hold) a discussion discuss
I would appreciate it if please
in the event that if
in order to to
in view of the fact that  because, since
is applicable applies
make an inspection inspect
make a study of study
prior to before
with reference to about, concerning, relating


Plurals You May Not Know
curriculum curricula/curriculums
memorandum memorandums/memoranda
datum data
medium media
criterion criteria
thesis theses
diagnosis diagnoses
crisis crises
parenthesis ) parentheses ( ) (pair)
index indexes/indices
appendix appendixes/appendices
analysis analyses
stimulus stimuli
phenomenon phenomena
syllabus syllabuses/syllabi
opus opera
alumnus - male graduate alumni
alumna - female graduate alumnae



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