31. He is one of those people who does not follow company policies.


32. Your generosity makes it possible for students, irregardless of their financial situation, to attend college.


33. Due to the heavy call volume at this time, you may experience a twenty-minute delay.


34. In regards to traffic rules, law enforcement officers are bound by the same rules as private citizens.


35. The applicant has a MBA degree from UWF.


36. Our principal concern is each employee's safety.


37. On the application, please list your principle area of expertise.


38. Our president is an alumni of one of the local high schools.


39. The CEO effected several changes that had a positive affect on morale.


40. So far, our newspaper has not been effected by the suffering economy.


41. The Heritage Society is currently accepting donations for its capitol campaign drive.


42. The reason he was not made senior partner is because he is an inexperienced litigator.



43. To apply for this position, your application must be submitted by Friday, March 13.


44. We suggest many new tips that can help you quit smoking on our website.


45. After getting all the signatures, your forms must be turned in.


46. Most of our executives write very good.


47. We feel badly about the company's loss.


48. Someone from our office will return your call as quick as possible.


49. I'll try to make the directions more clear than they are.


50. We are real excited about the expansion.


51. We accept neither credit cards or checks.


52. Teachers are negotiating to get a raise higher than last year.


53. We must abide by the loan officers decision.


54. Our law offices will be closed Monday, September 2nd in observance of Labor Day.


55. We hope that you too, will consider supporting this worthy organization.


56. We offer fast, secure, online payments.


57. Items that can be financed include: roofing, heating and cooling systems, and aluminum siding.


58. Two new online, interactive leave reporting systems are now available; one for physicians and one for support personnel.


59. The job was advertised, however, no one applied for the position.


60. Our company has branch offices in Portland, Oregon, Portland, Maine, and Port St. Joe, Florida.



The Professional's Reference Bookshelf

Compiled by Pamela Jokers

Real Good Grammar, Too Mamie Webb Hixon

Business English of the 21st Century Robert Barry and Pat Taylor Elison

Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual

Webster's Secretarial Handbook, 3rd Edition

Little Book on Legal Writing

Dictionary of Difficult Words John Ayto

Deluxe Black's Law Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary of New Words

Microsoft Manual of Style

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus

Writer's FAQs

Do's, Don'ts, and Maybe's of English Usage Theodore M. Bernstein

Elements of Style Strunk and White

Practical English Usage

Chicago Manual of Style

Prentice Hall Reference Guide to Grammar and Usage

MLA Handbook

Random House Handbook Frederick Crews

Publication Manual / APA

Reference Handbook of Grammar and Usage

Business Letter Handbook Michael Michian and John Woods Webster's New World Misspeller's Dictionary


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