Register Your Bicycle With The University Police Department

Registration is a deterrent to crime and is an aid in the identification of lost and stolen bicycles. This service is provided free of charge by the university police department.

Some important tips to remember:

Keep your bike locked to a fixed object every time it is left unattended with a good quality U-bolt lock secured to the fixed object, bike frame and wheel.

Be sure to retain all evidence of the purchase of your bike including your receipt and the serial number which on most bikes is located on the bottom part of the frame near the crankset.

Be able to identify your bike. Not only by the color, but also by the make, model, frame, size and extra features it may have such as bar ends, toe clips on the pedals or any other add-on items.

Have one or more close up color photos of you and your bike together.

Register your bike with the University of West Florida police department by contacting the department at 474-2000 or by filling out the form below. Upon completeing this form, please stop by or call the university police department to obtain a Bicycle Registration Sticker.


Check here is this information updates an existing record.

Your Personal Information:

Full Name: (first-last) 
Anticipated Graduation Date: 

Campus/Local Address: 
City:    State: 
Zip Code:  Campus/Local Phone #: 

Permanent Address: 
City:   State: 
Zip Code:  Phone: 

Your Bicycle Description:

Serial Number:  (mandatory) 
  Look under where pedals attach to frame.

Type of Bicycle: 
Frame Style: 
Frame Size: 
Number of Gears: 
Frame Color: 

Accessories or Special Characteristics:

Thank you and don't forget to stop by the police department for a Bicycle Registration Sticker!