UWF Board of Trustees
Finance, Administration and Audit Committee
February 21, 2003

Chair K.C. Clark called the meeting to order at 8:35 a.m. Trustees present were Clark, Marny Gilluly and Sharon Hess Herrick.

Approval of minutes

Trustee Hess Herrick moved and Trustee Gilluly seconded approval of minutes from the November 22, 2002 committee meeting. It passed unanimously.

Action items

1. Student housing fees
Vice President for Student Affairs Debbie Ford said the proposed housing fee increase is 3 percent, and UWF fees are lower than most universities in Florida, as are the private apartment fees. A study will be conducted this year to make sure UWF remains competitive. The new student housing project will be ready for occupancy in January.

Trustee Hess Herrick moved and Trustee Gilluly seconded approval of the fees. It passed unanimously.

2. ERP Update
Vice President for Administrative Affairs Cornelius Wooten explained that due diligence was exercised in negotiating the contract with SCT. Compared to FAMU with a cost of $7.4 million, and UNF with $3.9 million, UWF's contract for $3.7 million is extremely favorable. It also includes performance protections and clear cancellation provisions. It will be implemented by July 1, 2004. Five other state universities that contracted with SCT will go online one year early, so UWF will benefit from their experience.

Chair Clark said he was impressed with the contract.

3. UWF Master Plan
Trustee Hess Herrick moved and Trustee Gilluly seconded a motion to "Adopt" the Master Plan. It passed unanimously.

4. Naming Rights
After a general discussion on the donations required for specific naming rights at UWF, the staff was instructed to collect comparative data from similar universities and bring that information to the next meeting.

5. Materials and supply fees
Trustee Gilluly moved and Trustee Hess Herrick seconded a motion to adopt the fees. It passed unanimously.

Information items
There were no significant issues in the audits presented to the committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:03 a.m.