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Aug 19 , 2011  |  Procurement and Contracts |

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Monthly PCard Reconciliation

Increase to OCO Dollar Limit

Definition of OCO

Changes to Online PCard Reference Guide

Computer Purchases with PCard

Changes to Commodity/Acct Codes for Gasoline for State and Rental Vehicles

PCard Vendor Registration - When Do I Enter PCard Vendor?

Changes to Commodity and Account Codes

Vehicle/Vessel Registration

Coming Soon - Staples


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Monthly PCard ReconciliationReport
The monthly PCard reconciliation is mandatory and requires the following steps for compliance:

  • Once a month all documentation must be reconciled with two separate reports: Read more

DollarIncrease to OCO Dollar Amount
The Florida Board of Governors recently approved Regulation 9.0031, which increased the threshold for tangible property from $1,000 to $5,000. Read more. .

Definition of OCOOCO
OCO is the acronym for Operating Capital Outlay. It can be confusing at times to remember the difference between Expense and OCO. Read more

Changes to Online PCard Reference Guide
The online PCard Reference Guide is updated and changed OFTEN. It is highly recommended that the online PCard Reference Guide NOT be printed. It would be more efficient to reference the Guide located on Procurement's internal web page to guarantee having the most current, up-to-date information.

Computer Purchases with PCard
The ITS Help Desk must reveiw and approve all computer and touch screen tablet computer (i.e. iPad, TouchPad, etc.) quotes prior to the purchase. Read more

GasChanges to Commodity/Acct Codes for Gasoline for State and Rental Vehicles
The two Commodity/Account Codes used when approving "Gasoline for State and Rental Vehicles" have changed:

Read more

PCard Vendor Registration - When Do I EnterPCard Vendor?
After the first PCard charge approval email is received by Account/Business Managers and Cardholders, THEN enter the PCard Vendor at the new online PCard Vendor Registration Page. Read more


Changes to Commodity and Account Codes
New Commodity Codes are created as needed and existing Commodity Codes can be changed or deactivated. If a changed Commodity/Account Code is used, it may require a JT (Journal Transfer) to be processed to correct the coding. Read more

Vehicle/Vessel RegistrationCar
All vehicle/vessel registrations are signed by Procurement and Contracts. All questions regarding vehicle/vessel registration should be directed to Ms. Frankie Carlson, Ext. 2907,

Coming Soon - StaplesStaples
Procurement will soon be adding Staples as a Florida State Contract providor for office supplies. Read more