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January 20, 2010  |  Procurement and Contracts (P&C)|

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Welcome to a GREAT 2010

New Resolution: PCard Approved Before Autopost

Requisition Facts to Ensure Efficiency

HELP! Computer Purhcases

Be Empowered - Where To Go To Find Information

Future Announcements- Looking Ahead

Would You Like An On-Site PCard Visit?

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Welcome To A GREAT 2010
2010We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and have their goals written for this great new year of 2010. It is very important to have specific goals written so that your thoughts can be focused on the accomplishment of those goals throughout the year. Read more. . .

New Resolution: PCard Approved Before Autopost
In starting out the new year, incorporate a new resolution that PCardResolution charges will be approved before the autopost date to meet the requirements of using the PCard. Make this a priority for your department to avoid audit findings and avoid being included in the annual State Audit Report. To avoid an audit finding, please approve in advance any charges that would auto post on an upcoming weekend or holiday. Doing your best will make your department shine and make you feel good to know you are a part of that.

Requisition Facts To Ensure EfficiencyEfficient
We have several suggestions that will improve efficiency in the processing of Requisitions into Purchase Orders. Due to the many emails that are sent to our office, and in order for the Buyers to quickly locate the appropriate email that relates to your requisition it is important that the following steps are followed: Read more. . .

HELP! Computer Purchases
We need your help to correctly process computer Requisitions. When sending the computer quote for IT Help Desk approval, insert the Quote Number or Requisiton Number in the subject line of the email to IT. This provides a paper trail to confirm IT has approved the specified purchase. Without the Quote or Requisition Number, we are unable to relate the confirmation with the Requisition and therefore are unable to confirm approval by IT. Read more . . .

EmpoweredBe Empowered - Where To Go To Find Information
We have numerous places to search and find important Procurement and Contracts (P&C) information right at your fingertips. Read more . . .

Future Announcements - Looking Ahead
Vehicle Maintenance - A formal solicitation for vehicle maintenance will Binocularsoon be awarded. The awarded vendor, location, services and perks will be announced for usage by those who use and own UWF vehicles. Be on the lookout for the announcement.
PCard Increases - Temporary increases and special limit increases will soon be available on Route It. Therefore, temporary and special limit increases will all be submitted through the Route It system instead of emails and hard copy submittals. Be on the lookout for the announcement.

Would You Like An On-Site PCard Visit?On Site
In an effort to reach out and help your department avoid any unclassified charges, audit findings, processing of Journal Entries (JE's) and the possibility of your PCard privileges being affected, Procurement and Contracts (P&C) will be more than happy to visit your department. P&C can meet with your PCard Team to answer any questions and explain the PCard processes. Read more . . .