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September 16, 2009  |  Procurement and Contracts (P&C)|

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Purchasing Hand Sanitizers for H1N1

Office Depot - Blocked Item Message

How Do I Know My PCard Charges Need Approving And If They Are Approved?

Invitation: Furniture Open House And Vendor Show

Guidelines For Purchasing Cleaning Products

Vehicle Maintenance

Do I Use a PCard, Direct Pay Or A Requisition?

Would You Like An On-Site PCard Visit?

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Purchasing Hand Sanitizers for H1N1
To assist in reducing the spread of the H1N1 Flu, departments can Hand Sanitizepurchase hand sanitizers for the office and the classroom. EH&S will soon be supplying sanitizer dispensers for the common areas, but will not be supplying sanitizers for individual departments. When purchasing the sanitizer for your department, ensure that the alcohol content ranges between 60% – 62%. Read more. . .

Blocked ItemOffice Depot - Blocked Item Message
If a “blocked item message” is received when trying to place an order at the UWF/Office Depot web site, please send an email with the following information to Procurement and Contracts (P&C) Read more . . .

How Do I Know My PCard Charges Need Approving And If They Are Approved?
PCard ApproveTwo email reminders are sent to the Cardholder, Account Manager and Business Manager as a courtesy to assist with approving PCard charges. The first email is sent 10 days prior to the auto post date, and the second is sent 1 day prior to the auto post date. The second reminder email may be received on weekends or holidays; Read more. . .

Invitation: Furniture Open House And Vendor ShowInvite
You are invited to Gulf Coast Office Product's (GCOP) Open House and Vendor Show on October 22, 2009, from 3:00 – 6:00 PM. GCOP is one of the local furniture contractors on Florida State Contract. Read more. . .

CleaningGuideline For Purchasing Cleaning Products
When departments choose to clean their area with additional cleaning products other than what is provided by UWF Facilities, those cleaning products can only be purchased under certain circumstances and with specified funds. Read more . . .

Vehicle Maintenance Vehicle
Two interim pricing agreements for oil and filter changes, as well as vehicle repairs, have been implemented with the vendors listed below. A formal solicitation will be issued and an award will be made in the near future to include more services such as towing. Read more . . .

QuestionDo I Use A PCard, Direct Pay Or A Requisition?
It can be very confusing at times to remember what to do when purchasing your items and services. The below chart has been designed to provide an overview to assist you in your planning and decision making. However, the chart is not all inclusive. Read more . . .

Would You Like An On-Site PCard Visit?On Site
In an effort to reach out to help your department avoid any unclassified charges, audit findings, processing of Journal Entries (JE's) and the possibility of your PCard privileges being affected, P&C will be more than happy to visit your department. P&C can meet with your PCard Team to answer any questions and explain the PCard processes. Read more . . .