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February 17, 2009  |  Procurement and Contracts |

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Vendor Fair 2009

PCard Forms RouteIT

Quick Procurement & Contracts Guide

Help With Registering Vendors

New PCards in March

PCard Approval Error Message

Terminated Vendors

Avoid PCard Audit Findings

Travel Tip

Foreign Purchases/Vendors


Vendor Fair 2009 - Sustainability/Green Awareness – March 5
You are invited to attend the 6th Annual Vendor Fair on Thursday, March 5th from 10 AM to 2 PM in the UWF Conference Center.  The Vendors will be displaying and demonstrating items and services with emphasis on energy efficient, recycled and green products. Please come by and visit and as always, there will be door prizes!

PCard Forms RouteIT – Rollout March 3
Beginning March 3 all PCard applications and agreements will be available and submitted using the online RouteIT system. This system will be a more efficient method to process the necessary program forms, while providing users with online information and e-mails as to the status of their requests. Read more . . .

Quik GuideNEW – Quick Procurement  & Contracts Guide
P&C has developed a quick and easy guide available as a hard copy brochure and on the P&C internal web site listed as “Quick Procurement & Contracts Guide”. It can also be found through the “Directory” Argus tab by searching for Procurement. Read more . . .

Do You Need Help with Registering Vendors?
We realize that it can be difficult to get vendors to register in a timely manner and that is why the established procedure requires that the vendor be registered before you place an order giving you the leverage needed to prompt the vendor to register.  In an effort to assist you, two email templates have been developed for your convenience. Read more . . .

NEW - MasterCard PCards Available in March
PCardThe university will switch to a new MasterCard in March. Employees will receive announcements and group e-mail notices when the new cards may be picked up. Cards currently being used will be closed and unusable March 28. Read more . . .

Error Message when Approving PCard Charges
If during the approval process, an error message is received stating: “FRM-40509: Oracle error: Unable to UPDATE record”, it means a terminated vendor has been selected and cannot be used to approve your PCard charge. Please do not select the terminated vendor due to the problems it creates in Banner requiring manual processing by the Registration and Accounts Payable staff. Read more . . .

Why are Vendors in Banner Terminated?
TerminateWhen a Vendor is entered internally, information required to meet University and IRS requirements has not been obtained and can only be provided by the Vendor.  A vendor entered internally has two weeks to go into our external online vendor registration and update/certify their information. Read more . . .

Avoid PCard Audit Findings
To avoid audit findings for your department, ensure that the vendor is registered with UWF BEFORE a purchase is made by checking the “Banner Vendor Search/List” located at our internal web site or at the top of the GO Shopping tab in Argus. Read more . . .

Travel Tip – Be Safe
TravelWhen checking into a hotel, your personal information (such as charge card number and driver’s license number) is scanned into the hotel key card.  When leaving the hotel do not return the key to the desk or drop it into the drop box.  Read more . . .

Foreign Purchases/Vendors
Foreign Vendors can register online. In addition to registering online, the foreign vendor must also submit the appropriate W8 Form. They must visit the IRS Forms and Instructions web site; download both the applicable form and instructions; and, send the completed and signed form to Procurement and Contracts. Read more . . .