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April 17, 2009  |  Procurement and Contracts |

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2009 Energy Vendor Fair

JP Morgan Chase Phishing Email

Correct Usage Of A Direct Pay Request (DPR)

Vendors Must Be Registered For All Purchases

Office Depot Returns

Report Highlights Of The Month


2009 Energy Vendor Fair
Green PicThank you UWF! The 2009 Energy Vendor Fair held at the UWF Conference Center on March 5, 2009 successfully accommodated 35 vendors and 161 participants.  The event offered a wide range of goods in the promotion of energy efficient, recycled or green products. Read more . . .

JP Morgan Chase Phishing Email
Recently (April 16, 2009) a very professional and legitimate looking Fishing Picphishing email was received by many University personnel. Please remember to IGNORE and NEVER respond to any direct communications from a vendor requesting financial or banking information. You will never be directly contacted by JP Morgan about your PCard. All communications concerning your PCard will come directly from Procurement & Contracts.

Correct Usage Of A Direct Pay Request (DPR) DPR Pic
Direct Pay requests can ONLY be used for certain type of purchases that meet specific criteria.  These quick guidelines will assist you in knowing when and how to use the DPR appropriately:
A DPR should NOT be used for: Read more . . .

Vendors Must Be Registered For All Purchases
It is the responsibility of the PCard holder to ensure that a vendor is iRegisteredn the Banner system prior to making a purchase. Many times the Business or Account Manager is urgently trying to get the vendor registered in order to approve the PCard charge correctly since it was not done by the Cardholder. Read more . . .

Office Depot Returns Deliveries
Returns to Office Depot can be handled one of two ways:

  • Call customer service at 888-263-3423; or,
  • Visit the Office Depot BSD Website: Read more . . .

Report Highlights of the Month
Report PicThe two reports below are located in Information Navigator ("Banner ERP System" Channel in Argus) under Procurement & Contracts. Please click on the links below and view how these very useful reports might help you accomplish your PCard and departmental procedures: Read more . . .