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UWF Thesis Guide and Required Forms
Thesis Submissions

Submit your thesis here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Revisions of theses must be completed by the ProQuest FINAL SUBMISSION date.

All theses must be submitted electronically by the first deadline of each semester. Any edits and revisions must be completed and approved by the final Friday of each semester. 

Hard copies of signed transmittal forms, signature pages (2 copies are required), and originality certifications must be delivered to the Graduate School prior to electronic submission. Theses will not be accepted for review until these forms have been received by the Graduate School.

Thesis Submission Deadlines
Spring 2017
March 20 Deadline to submit thesis to the Graduate School via ProQuest
April 10 Deadline for HMCSE students to submit thesis to the Graduate School via ProQuest
May 5 ProQuest FINAL SUBMISSION - Deadline to submit CLEARED thesis to ProQuest
Summer 2017
July 11 Deadline to submit thesis to the Graduate School via ProQuest
August 11 ProQuest FINAL SUBMISSION -Deadline to submit CLEARED thesis to ProQuest
Thesis Writing and Formatting Aids
Dissertation Resources

Dissertation Toolbox Portal
The Dissertation Toolbox Portal is a password protected information hub for UWF doctoral students. Login information is obtained through the doctoral student advisor, Cynthia Villa (

Dissertation Submission Deadlines

Doctoral Students should follow the timeline specified in Dissertation Submission Process.

Mobile users, please view this page in the landscape perspective to see the complete listing of deadlines.


 DeadlinesSummer 2016Fall    2016Spring 2017
Submit to DSQAC for Pre-defense Review




Degree audit verification form due to Ed. D. program office 




Dissertation submission to committee members, Dept. chair, and Dean's representative prior to defense

5/23/2016 9/05/2016 1/23/2017
Final day to defend 6/6/2016 9/19/2016 2/6/2017
Submit to DSQAC for post-defense review 6/13/2016 9/26/2016 2/13/2017
Submit to Graduate school 6/27/2016 10/10/2016 2/27/2017
Submit to Proquest 7/15/2016 11/04/2016 3/24/2017
Grants and Awards