Classroom Policy

Classroom support is dependent on the classification of the room in question and the governing organization. This section covers classrooms with Technology Support Services (TSS) owned hardware. Classrooms with ITS owned hardware are supported solely by ITS and may only receive limited support from TSS.

Argonet accounts are required to utilize all computer systems within classrooms. If you do not have an Argonet account, please speak with your office administrator.

Technology Enhanced Classroom (TEC)

TECs are classrooms with limited technology, usually for the instructor’s use only. TECs may contain, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Instructor computer
  • Speakers
  • Digital projector

Alternate configurations may contain (limited availability):

  • Laptop connection
  • Television
  • VCR / DVD Player
  • Analog or Digital overhead projection unit

Currently the College of Education and Professional Studies maintains one TEC, Room 107 in Building 86.

Technology Laboratory Classroom (TLC)

TLCs are classrooms with laboratory style setup. Individual workstations are available for class use only. TLCs are not open access labs. Depending on class size, TSS will attempt to assign one of the TLCs that meets your class roster.

TLCs are equipped with the same WEPA printing system as used throughout the entire campus.

The College of Education and Professional Studies maintains two TLCs: rooms 108 and 112. These classrooms are located in building 86.

Software Installation for TLCs

Specialty software required for course use must be provided a eight weeks prior to the semester for which it is needed. This window allows for the testing of Specialty software alongside the security software, as well as grants adequate time for installation and imaging as needed.


TLC Room 108 is scheduled by TSS.

TEC Room 107 is scheduled by Teacher Education and Educational Leadership.

TEC Rooms 121, 122, 125, 129, 130, 133, and 134 are scheduled by the University Registrar’s office and supported by solely by ITS. Please contact your office administrator to schedule these classrooms.

All instructors, community members, and other individuals or groups interested in utilizing one of the TSS governed classrooms must contact a TSS representative prior to using the classrooms.

Scheduling for a class may take place on an ‘as needed’ basis or for semester long use. Semester reservation needs to take place and the end of the proceeding semester. TSS will not schedule classes before a month prior to classes begin. Blanket or abusive scheduling will be prohibited. If it comes to the attention of TSS that classroom need has been exaggerated and a classroom was booked to prevent others from using it, the Administration will be notified immediately and privileges may be removed.

Setup for Non-Technology Rooms

TSS can provide assistance in temporarily setting up technology in a classroom that lacks required equipment. Users will need to provide their own hardware and cables. TSS cannot guarantee the appropriate connections will be available in our cable selection.