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Dr. Kenneth Craig Jones

  • Position:  Associate Professor
  • Department:  Teacher Education & Educational Leadership
  • Office Location:  Building 85, Room 183
  • Campus: (850) 474-2863


Dr. Kenneth Craig Jones is an Associate Professor in the School of Education who conducts research on ways to enhance the ways that young children learn.

Jones has examined ways to integrate curriculum into play-like activities as well as methods of instilling learning into children from birth to age 3 and analyzed performance standards of children ages 3 to 5. Publishers of his work include the Florida Partnership for School Readiness and the Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy. 

Jones also-co-wrote a guidebook for parents and teachers to help young children develop a sense of altruism.

Jones has given presentations to education groups on infant/toddler education, special needs children, infant mental health, concept development for young children, and other topics.

Jones received a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Pennsylvania State University, where he majored in Childhood Education and minored in Child Development/Family.

He teaches courses on trends and issues in education, early intervention for handicapped and at-risk preschool children, assessment and evaluation of young children, and other subjects. He was a first-grade teacher and child development specialist before he returning to school for his Ph.D.

Keywords: performance standards for children ages 3-5, play-like activities containing curriculum, teaching children altruism, infant/toddler education, special needs children, young children’s concept development