Dr. Diane Scott


Dr. Diane L. Scott is a Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Education and Professional Studies.

Her research interests are adoption services and foster care in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, social work with military and veteran populations, and program evaluation and linking social service policy to practice.

She co-authored a book, “Social work practice with military populations” and wrote a chapter about war-related deaths in the family for a book on helping bereaved children.

Among the subjects she has researched: obesity among children in care, deployment-related stress in families of National Guard members, issues and barriers for adoption of foster children, and challenges and solutions for rural social work. Scott’s research has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Community Practice, Humanities and Social Sciences Review, Child & Youth Services, Military Behavioral Health Journal, and Social Work with Groups.

Scott, a licensed clinical social worker, received her doctorate in Social Work from Catholic University of America. She has worked as a social worker and manager of community service agencies.

In addition, she has been the District 1 member of the Santa Rosa School Board since 2006; her current term will end in 2018.

 She also serves on the Board of Directors of Northwest Florida Council on Aging, Bridges Out of Poverty, and Child Guardian ad Litem.

Degrees & Institutions:

Scott received her bachelor's degree in Social Work from Kansas State University, and her master's degree in Social Work from the University of South Carolina. She went on to earn her doctorate degree in Social Work from Catholic University of America.


  • Adoption services and foster care in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties
  • Social work with military and veteran populations
  • Program evaluation and linking social service policy to practice
  • Domestic violence

Current Courses:

  • Introduction to Generalist Practice

Classes Taught:

    • Interviewing and Recording
    • Practice With Culturally Diverse Populations
    • Introduction to Generalist Practice
    • Human Behavior in Organizations and Communities
    • Social Aspects of Domestic Violence
    • Families and Family Treatment
    • Field Instruction
    • Senior Field Seminar
    • Social Work in the Military
    • Directed Studies
    • Human Behavior in the Social Environment (HBSE II)
    • Generalist Practice with Individuals and Families (Generalist Practice I)
    • Human Diversity, Social and Economic Justice
    • Social Work Practice in the Military Populations


    Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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    • Scott, D. L., Whitworth, J. D., & Herzog, J. R. (2016). Social work with military populations. Boston: Pearson.

    Book Chapter 

    • Scott, D. L. (2010). War-related deaths in the family. In N. Boyd Webb (ed.) Helping bereaved children (3rd edition): A handbook for practitioners. New York: Guilford Publications. 

    Non-peer Reviewed Publications 

    • Reeves Bookman, C., Lightfoot, C. A., & Scott, D. L. (2006). Caminando hacia el cambrio. La colaboracion del imputado en su reintegracion. Revista Procesal Penal, 43, 21-30. This article is a direct translation of the article below published in American Jails
    • Reeves Bookman, C., Lightfoot, C. A., & Scott, D. L. (2005). Pathways for Change: An offender reintegration collaboration. American Jails 19(5), 9-14. 
    • Scott, D. L. (2001). The benefits and costs of the Virginia domestic violence policy and their implications for law enforcement and the social services. UMI Dissertation Abstracts, UMI No. 3004190). 

Keywords: social work with military populations, children coping with war-related deaths, obesity among foster children, deployment-related stress in National Guard members’ relatives, issues in adopting foster children, rural work challenges and solutions