Career and Technical Education Certificate

The Career and Technical Education Certificate program is designed to prepare individuals to work in a variety of settings, depending on completed coursework. Individuals may develop and implement training and educational materials to support employers, employees, as well as individuals who are underemployed and unemployed.

Program Description

Students in the Career and Technical Education Certificate Program can acquire valuable technical skills that can be immediately used in the workforce. From trainers to counselors to curriculum developers, graduates work in a variety of organizations to support career and technical education and training and to promote overall organizational success. The program is designed to prepare graduates to plan, supervise, conduct, and evaluate workforce and training programs in business, industry, and government. Individuals who desire to work in PK-12 environments will gain an excellent foundation. However, Florida certification in career and technical education is granted by local school districts. Contact the program advisor for information about teaching in PK-12 organizations.

Individuals who are interested in teaching in the public schools can pursue a Minor in Professional Education which is designed to provide non-education majors with the Professional Education component requisite to becoming a certified teacher in Florida. Career and Technical educators are certified by individual school districts. For information on the process and required courses, contact the program advisor.

The Career and Technical Education Certificate is an 14-hour online program. The program includes five courses (see the UWF Online Catalog for more information).

Online delivery enables you to take courses in your timeframe—on your schedule. It is possible to complete all program requirements in two to four semesters.

Online degrees may not be available in all states. If you are an out-of-state student, please review our State Authorization Status to confirm that the program is available in your state.

Program Course Plan

Individuals who teach in Career and Technical education (CTE) content areas complete initial certification courses to receive permanent teaching credentials. The State of Florida requires all individuals who teach to complete courses designed to enhance skills in developing teaching and learning strategies for the CTE classroom.

ECT 3004

Principles of Career and Technical Studies


ECT 4562

Introduction to Career and Technical Special Needs Education


One of the following:


BTE 4401

Special Methods of Teaching Business Education


DEC 4401

Special Teaching Methods: Distributive Education


ECT 3183 

Course Construction for Career and Technical Training


ECT 3367

Career and Technical Instructional Evaluation


One of the following:


ECT 4380

Special Methods in Career and Technical Studies


ECW 4310

Strategies for Planning and Operating Health Occupations Education


Total Hours



Students wishing to pursue additional CTE endorsements can include the graduate level courses below.  Please note, you must hold a Bachelors degree to register for graduate (5000/6000 level) courses.

Vocational Director

ECT 5266

Administration and Supervision of Career and Technical Education Programs


ECT 5295

Curriculum and Staff Development for Career and Technical Education Programs


ECW 6695

 School Involvement and Community Relations


Total Hours


Cooperative Education Endorsement

ECW 5265

Coordination and Management of Cooperative Career and Technical Education Program


ECW 6561

Selection and Guidance of Career and Technical Studies


Total Hours


For more information, please see the course catalog.


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