Learning about Science, Social Studies and Diversity in the school Garden

Emerge Faculty Fellows: Keith Whinnery and Jennifer Mesa

In this project, UWF students will work with teachers at the Educational Research Center for Child Development and local elementary schools to collaboratively develop and facilitate container gardening activities and lessons for young children (ages 4 and up).  These experiences will not only target important science and social studies content, they will tap into the cultural diversity of the young children.  More specifically, UWF students will survey the families to identify which plants the families use in their homes and cultures, and use this information to select plants for the container gardens reflective of the children’s diverse cultures.

Dr. Keith Whinnery
Keith Whinnery
Jennifer Mesa
Dr. Jennifer Mesa

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Utilized

  • Faculty/Student Research
  • Service Learning

For more information, please contact Keith Whinnery at kwhinnery@uwf.edu or Dr. Jennifer Mesa at jmesa@uwf.edu.