Emerge Faculty Fellow: Dr. Daniel K. Drost

Dr. Daniel Drost
Dr. Daniel K. Drost

Cooperative Learning Centers

This proposal seeks to develop Cooperative Learning Centers in K–12 schools that provide venues for UWF students to observe physical education teaching, supported through cooperative relationships between the UWF physical education program and Escambia County schools. The purpose of this project is to build community partnerships between the two entities and to enhance UWF student learning. The basis behind the project is to link UWF physical education faculty with Escambia County physical education teachers for coordinated planning to provide not only the best learning environment for K–12 students, but to also provide sites for UWF students to observe purposeful teaching methodology.

The Cooperative Learning Center concept has been discussed for several years within the Physical Education undergraduate program at the University of West Florida. As the program has transferred from a non–accredited program to a fully accredited program, we have conceptualized course activities that will have a greater impact on student learning and enhance the pre–service teacher preparation process. Though we currently utilize public schools as sites for assorted field experiences, these practical activities are individual and may not ensure that teaching methodology presented in coursework is observed in the field.

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Utilized

  • Common Intellectual Experiences
  • Learning Communities
  • Service Learning
  • Community–Based Learning

For more information, please contact Dr. Daniel K. Drost at ddrost@uwf.edu or 850–474–2133.