Emerge: High Impact Practices at UWF

The College of Education and Professional Studies (CEPS) at the University of West Florida (UWF) is committed to providing intellectually engaging and effective educational experiences for our students. The Emerge Initiative was developed to help faculty design and utilize High Impact Practices (HIPs). By using a combination of techniques that have been shown to deepen student learning and engagement, these HIPs raise levels of performance, retention and success for all students.

High Impact Practices

Studies have shown that engaging practices within the classroom, such as team-based learning, can contribute to retention and help students reach the learning outcomes developed for the course. Beyond the classroom, students can find academic engagement with study abroad, service learning, and undergraduate research projects.

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Emerge Faculty Fellows

In June of 2013, the College of Education and Professional Studies named 23 faculty members as Emerge Faculty Fellows. The faculty members are participating in the CEPS Emerge Experience in order to develop high-impact learning activities including travel study, community-based projects, faculty-student research, capstone experiences, and experiential learning.

Faculty Fellows Profiles

Emerge with more than a degree!

Emerge offers students an opportunity to participate in high-impact experiential learning activities and to develop professional and leadership skills desired by employers to contribute to and be successful in a 21st Century global society.

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Yolonda DuBose, Emerge Scholar
Yolonda DuBose, Emerge Scholar

Emerge Scholar Spotlight

The College of Education and Professional Studies Emerge Scholar Program is helping students graduate with a portfolio of real-world experiences. They have earned the distinction of Emerge Scholar by developing professional skills, and have proven that they have the talent and drive to succeed in the 21st century.

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Featured Project: Classwide Peer Tutoring Project

In Spring 2013, the UWF College of Education and Professional Studies founded the Emerge Initiative based upon proven research related to the benefits of high impact practices. An initial group of 23 faculty members were asked to develop a series of High Impact Practices to use in their classes. Dr. Keith Whinnery worked with two UWF pre-service teachers on a research project in a local public school. This is their success story.

Emerge Cake

CEPS Honors Second Class of Emerge Scholars

Our second class of Emerge Scholars has officially graduated. Read about these amazing students and the hard work that earned them the honor of being named Emerge Scholars in the UWF Newsroom.